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  1. Yes, Got it back together perfectly. All diff bearings and seals and the pinion also! Runs like a champ...no more wobble in drive shaft and way quieter.
  2. This diff needs a special socket to get the nut off that holds the pinion in place. Had to make a little notch in the nut and use a screw driver and hammer to spin the nut counter clockwise to get it to unscrew. Did not damage it and will reuse it after putting on the bearings. Ive done a couple of Big Bear diffs lately and they were a piece of cake compared to this stupid piece.
  3. Is there anyway to get the Pinion bearing out without the special tools the service manual calls for? I have not been able to remove the pinion gear shaft coupling joint yet to get to it. Cant figure out how to get that off either.

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