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  2. That makes perfect sense, since it is coming out of the vent tube from directly below the impeller. Thank you!!!!
  3. I got some pictures put up of it on my profile. Dont know if that helps, but I hope so.
  4. I will put some on my profile. I assume you can view them there?
  5. I bought an 07 yfz 450 Bill Balance edition last november. It runs great, and has some mods that i cant quite figure out. I am pretty sure it has a big bore kit and a stage two cam on it. The problem is that the coolant leaks out of a tube that comes from the bottom of the right side of the ?crank case? (motor). It wasnt bad at all when I got it, but now that I have ridden it more, it starts to leak immediately upon starting. Even when its cold, and will continue to leak bad enough to empty the reservior under the seat in a matter of minutes. Any help would be great!

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