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  2. Thanks to all who helped me out with this issue. It has been resolved. The cable was indeed gumped up and we managed to slam down on the plow while it was set in free spool and down she came. We then uncoiled the cable and recoiled it with tension on it. Good to go. THANKS AGAIN!
  3. I meant to say, IT will not free spool. It does not budge no matter what I do.
  4. Wish I could give it some slack. I will not free spool.
  5. Im not sure how to do that.
  6. I am having a great winter with my new Sportsman 550 and plow. Today I plowed as usual and when I was just about finished, the plow would not go down and the winch is stuck. It wont budge. I cant remove the plow cause there is no slack. Any ideas on how to get things going again? The winch motor runs but I dont want to fool around with it since I dont want to do more harm than good. Thanks, folks.

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