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  1. OK, my brother and now my brother inlaw and I all have a TRX250X we picked up, not having alot of money to sink in them what are some suggesttions? like ive heard that 400ex front A arms will work on them but do you have to lengthen your tie rods? some cheap mods? what carb to possibly upgrade to? ETC. We have always built up cheaply since noi real budgets but i love riding so i want to keep up better and have a better ride also hell i out a 400EX rear shock on my old blaster it was amazing how much better it rode. anyways anything would be great thanks.
  2. i switched out my blaster to a twist throttle, from my MX days and thought it would be awsome. going straight down a dune its nice but every bump you hit you realize you cant throttle it like your bike. TRUST ME it ends up being more of a pain in the ass then its worth
  3. my budgte is pretty much nothing all i have is maybe 50.00 ,lol i spent 40.00 on the front pipe itself. they arent cheap for some reason my freind has an hmf kit fomr his yfz 450 he isnt using he wants to sell me
  4. QUESTION, 1. I CANT AFFORD TO BUY A NICE EXHUAST SYSTEM and even the stock mufflers on ebay are way expensive how restrirctive is a stock muffler compared to most aftermarket ones? also i do have the stock head pipe just not the silencer. 2. on mine the pull start is broke and i'm not really worried about having it on right now since they arent cheap to replace. Anyways can i put a side cover frm a newer machine on there to cover the area? thanks
  5. Dang, aonly one person watched the show? Ouch,lol.
  6. ALSO if anyone is interested heres the facebook page and you can link to toms and dannys etc. they're all on here. Heartland Thunder | Facebook
  7. yeah that's his son, he's pretty cool, he's nuts though. he was a bull rider on the circuit for a while when tom and dee wanted him to stop they bought him his first hobby stock to quit so he didnt get hurt bad or killed and he won the championship the first season he raced.
  8. yeah tell me about it oh yeah i was the fat guy on the right pushing toms car in the trailer lol that motor blew up hard i wont tell yeah what else happens BUT, alot of hard work in the shop oh yeah here Eagle Racing Team its toms site he doesnt chime in to much ,lol he's in the shop most of the time. i fall alot of time into the picture and typing alot of times my job is desk work so i have some time too
  9. RHINO, NICE. yeah i wish,lol. but around here it's flat ground and mud holes anywhere up there riding is better.
  10. you ever go out to WATKINS or up to rampart? i miss denver, well the area maybe not so much denver itself i think i'd move back to castlerock if i had the option.
  11. I'M in eudora but i grew up in perry,ks. just between topeka and lawrence. yeah i grew up at heartland park drag racing and thunder hill speedway out in mayetta dirt tracking. perry has what used to be decent ATV trails but the utility quads have mostly destroyed them by digging holes and mud pits in every dan trail.
  12. YEAH, they filmed it last year. im pitting for Tom charles this this year. some old freinds and alot of fun. it's interesting to see the other side while peopl are watching everyone work.
  13. I figured id ask, did anyone watch the series premere on DISCOVERY channel last monday? if you get a chance check it out and tell me what yeah think. i like it but i think the editing room floor has more on it then i'd like.

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