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Guest martinb

twist throttle

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Guest martinb

I am thinking very hard about converting throttle on my 1998 Recon, having many many years of motorcycle riding behind me. Anybody have any comments both adverse or positive, and which kind to buy? thank you. Martin

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I also have many years on a dirtbike so i know where you're coming from, however you should also be able to understand my point here. You know when you ride on a dirtbike, you squeeze it with your knees and aslo you are in a very upright seating postion and the steering is VERY light because of the head bearings and skinny front tire and not to mention they weigh almost nothing. Well a four wheeler is an entirely differnet animal as i'm sure you know, much heavier, yu have to slow down or powerslide in corners, you are always wrenching on the bars which are harder to turn because of the added weight and leverage from the long tierods, etc, also you will notice the seating position is lower and the bars higher on an atv making ir ideal for a thumb throttle, when youre only using your thumb, you dont realize how much you are actually using that right hand to hold on and sterr at the same time, i bought a banshee the one time that had a twist throttle on it and i can ride a dirtbike or an atv with the best of them, but with the twist on the atv, i was always hitting or letting off when i didnt want to just trying to hold on. I men i would slide one way and slide my butt off the seat and hang off the bars and it would be hard to control the throttle and the other the same way, on a dirtbike you really dont hang off the side, you bore stay on top and lean it and it leaves your arms fre to use a twist throttle, one additional thought is that if you over accelerate or are climbing and wheelie too far, on a dirtbike, even if your hand causes the throttle to be pinned, you will still slide off the back and most times it comes out from underneath you. on a quad however your legs tend to get caught on the back fenders plus you have 2 gnarly tires just waiting to grind up your calfs as well as a few undred more lbs to land on top of you, i mean you can flip an atv easilly with any throttle, but i'd rather it be operator error than my hand trying to hold onto a twist throttle...

have some faith in these crazy japs man, they have years and years of experience, quads have thumb throttles for a reason...

you can try it if you want but i can almost guarantee you will see what i'm saying about trying to hold on and throttle at the same time...

whatever you decide, best of luck and happy and safe riding...

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I tend to agree with that, if you use alot of body english when you ride, a twist throttle can be tricky on a quad, even if you are used to riding a bike. My friend recently switched to a Banshee from a YZ 125, his Banshee has a twisty on it and he hates it, can't wait to switch it back. I will also say that this is going to be more of a problem for people riding sport quads, since people tend to move around alot more on a sport than a ute. If you really think you will like the twist better, try it, you can always switch back if you don't like it.

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i switched out my blaster to a twist throttle, from my MX days and thought it would be awsome.

going straight down a dune its nice but every bump you hit you realize you cant throttle it like your bike.

TRUST ME it ends up being more of a pain in the ass then its worth

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I have to agree with everyone on this one. I thought it would be cool to have a twist throttle too, but was told all the same things about why it wouldnt work and why quads have thumb throttles. If you are not a real agressive rider and stay to light trails it would be ok, but otherwise it is more dangerous than cool.

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All my old dirtbikes and some Street bikes that I have owned I had a Thumb on:wink::yes:

Some friends of mine like the best of both worlds.....They have the Terry Cable Duel Gasser......


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