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  1. Clean carb, clean petcock, change oil, make sure the muffler isnt clogged
  2. Too lean??? Hows that sensor in your airbox? Thats yer iat sensor, tells the computer the temp of the intake air and adjusts jetting accordingly, if thats shot, that will cause a lean condition and overheating. Do you have an idiot light on your dash ? I assume so. When you turn your key on, that light should be on steady and then go off. If it doesnt come on, stays on or blinks, you have a sensor or possibly worse problem.
  3. Sounds like its either way too lean, i would check that first orpossibly something in your valve train. Check all your jets and everything in the carb and make sure they are all correct. If you have a stock engine with a stock airbox, your jetting should be stock with the needle clip about in the middle and the air fuel screw about 1.5 to 2.5 turns out to start. If its still a mess, just pop your rockerbox off and cheak to see that the cam timing and ignition timing are correct. Honestly though it sounds lean to me. Be patient and if you dont have a manual, buy one and go through it step by step, you will get it right and it will be worth your effoerts !!!
  4. damn, i cant get it either... heres their email and number, try and give them a holler, danny will help you for sure... 1-800-338-2326 MONDAY-FRIDAY 8-6 EST. OR YOU CAN EMAIL US AT [email protected]
  5. I wouldnt either, the first reviews of the honda in 08 suked, but now that it has proven itself, guess what...haha, more and more are chosing it over the raptor, i was even skeptical at first, but after i rode it...WOW And the first time i raced was on the street vs a raptor 700 and a ltz 450, i burned them both at the top of 4th shifting into 5th and never looked back...
  6. RE: FOOLIO - I dont care what people say yamaha is better and always will be....f**k honda its all about raptor 700r you're out of your mind man, you wouldnt catch me on the street or the trails with a craptor 700r. A banshee,or yfz450r, yes, but a craptor, NOPE, i know a zillion people who blew them up and the power they have is just not impressive at all. also yamaha in general is better ? yeah right, a streetbike, sure yamha r6 and r1s are amazing, 4x4s, yeah grizzlies are the shiznit, but raptors, nah.. i'm a yamaha guy, i have built more banshees than most people will even see in thier lives and it is my favorite atv, but even i will admit nothing runs as long as a honda and none of the transmissions are as smooth. I have a 1979 honda atc110, never rebuilt, just new brakes, tires and oil changes, it was my grandfathers, my dads and now mine, i want you to find a 1979 yamaha that still runs, haha...fat chance...you simply have to admit industry leading reliability, its a proven fact, if you cant open your eyes to that, well then you're just ignorant... and yeah, if you ever want to race, well bring it on down to nc and we'll party man, i have street and dirt, either way, like i said unless you have internal engine mods, you dont stand a chance...
  7. Actually you can pick up demo 08 and 09 honda 700s off the showroom floor for around 5 grand, i paid 4699 out the door for mine !!!! you can get them slightly used with nice tires and wheels with only a few hours on for under 4,000 also...
  8. Have you checked out a honda 700 ? I went from a 450r to a 700xx and i love it, stock to stock it owns my buddys craptor 700, the rappy has a little more bottom end i think, but i pull on him hard in 4th-5th and my ground clearance is about 11" so he has to go around alot of stuff, he actually snapped his skidplate a few tomes already, i just have stock skidplates and i dont even drag anywhere, pretty cool machines man and they can be had for very, very cheap becuase people dont understand or give themselves a chance to get used to the irs which is slightly different cornering than a solid rear axle atv...with a few small improvements like front shocks, handlebars, razr tires, a pipe and power commander, the honda 700xx is one of the best all-around atvs i have ever ridden, hands down...it is at hiome track, trail or with the 4x4s in mud, ruts, rocks, desert, dunes, etc...also one hell of alot more reliable, heck it won the baja 1000 past 3 years in a row, you wont see a raptor doing that i bet !!! Anyhow, some like the raptors better, but the honda is an amzing all-around atv, the raptor is more of a drag atv imo best of luck in your decision, i'm sure you will be pleased with either !!!
  9. dont put auto parts store ones on there they wont last, get a set off ebay or craigslist for cheap, they fit off warriors and banshees alike, even some yamaha 4x4s just not sure which ones, but the aut parts stor ones dont last unless you buy the expensive ones, i have been telling people for years, my buddy wouldnt listen to me and put foglights from a car on his suzuki, lasted one ride and one shatteres and the other filled with mud, i orderes him ones of ebay for 20 bucks for the pair, plugged them in, bolted them in the correct factory designed position and they have been working fine for over a year now :-)
  10. I always buy them online for like 5 or ten bucks... try carl salter.com under the free manuals section !!!
  11. yes there is a circlip holding the cv into the cup...the outer cv joint comes off the axle by holding the axle in a vise and tapping the race. the inboard half will only come out if you pull the cv boot back, wipe the grase out and get a small screwdriver, find the clip which if i remember correctly just looks like a large hoop earing thing and is set back in the cup about a quarter inch... check out this page here, lots of great info, i got my half shafts for my lt500 4x4 from them, theyre awesome, dealer wanted 400 for a new axle, i got 2 outer cv joints, heavy duty with heavy duty boots and cv grease for 80 bucks each !!! CV Restoration LLC. Selling high quality parts, at wholesale prices!
  12. I also have many years on a dirtbike so i know where you're coming from, however you should also be able to understand my point here. You know when you ride on a dirtbike, you squeeze it with your knees and aslo you are in a very upright seating postion and the steering is VERY light because of the head bearings and skinny front tire and not to mention they weigh almost nothing. Well a four wheeler is an entirely differnet animal as i'm sure you know, much heavier, yu have to slow down or powerslide in corners, you are always wrenching on the bars which are harder to turn because of the added weight and leverage from the long tierods, etc, also you will notice the seating position is lower and the bars higher on an atv making ir ideal for a thumb throttle, when youre only using your thumb, you dont realize how much you are actually using that right hand to hold on and sterr at the same time, i bought a banshee the one time that had a twist throttle on it and i can ride a dirtbike or an atv with the best of them, but with the twist on the atv, i was always hitting or letting off when i didnt want to just trying to hold on. I men i would slide one way and slide my butt off the seat and hang off the bars and it would be hard to control the throttle and the other the same way, on a dirtbike you really dont hang off the side, you bore stay on top and lean it and it leaves your arms fre to use a twist throttle, one additional thought is that if you over accelerate or are climbing and wheelie too far, on a dirtbike, even if your hand causes the throttle to be pinned, you will still slide off the back and most times it comes out from underneath you. on a quad however your legs tend to get caught on the back fenders plus you have 2 gnarly tires just waiting to grind up your calfs as well as a few undred more lbs to land on top of you, i mean you can flip an atv easilly with any throttle, but i'd rather it be operator error than my hand trying to hold onto a twist throttle... have some faith in these crazy japs man, they have years and years of experience, quads have thumb throttles for a reason... you can try it if you want but i can almost guarantee you will see what i'm saying about trying to hold on and throttle at the same time... whatever you decide, best of luck and happy and safe riding...
  13. almost forgot, the grizzlies and brute forces as well as some polaris and arctic cats are awesome ute's !!! honda fell of when it came to 4x4 i had 2 and hated both...
  14. if you want a race machine, 450r, if you want a climbing machine a banshee and a great overall trail quad, well the 700xx of course...

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