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    hi, I have a raptor 700 special edition and I need new back tires. the stock ones ae 20x10-9. I was gonna get some tires with the same mesurements but my friends told me to get som RAZR tires...they are 20x11-9. I told them it wouldnt fit, but they laughed at me ahahhahahah they said they are gonna fit, I thin they wont. whos right... i need help
  2. I think you should get a newer bike then those ones...get a 2001 or 2002 raptor 660, they'll rock your socks off and you can pick 'em up for around 2800$. i got the raptor 700 and its a BEAST!!!!!!!
  3. my mom took ALOT of money out of my account today:aargh:, so Im on a really tight budget..and the raptor is cheaper then the honda..so I have no choice enymore...
  4. haha thanks man, well I got the cash in hand right now..so I might go check out the bike TODAY!! i'll let you guys know if I bought it or not.
  5. thanks man, yes I meant 115 kmh, and I am sure that the raptor is my fav...i LOVE it. I am buying it very shortly now...maybe a week...2 at the max.
  6. the guy i used to work with had a 2006 or 2005..not sure..raptor 660 and once he let me try it, I dint think it had much power,,,I get out of the yard with it and I pin it...the wheels went straight up in the air,scared the shit out of me, I hit around 115 with it, he said it goes abit faster then that...since that, I love raptors..thats why I want to get one so bad!! lol. plus I the raptor I wanna get in only like a 5min drive, so its easier then going on the internet and look for one thats 2-3-4 hours away...thanks enyways man
  7. i just cleaned it, but I need a new one cuz the netting around it is all black and the filter is like...the color of sand hahaha
  8. thanks man, today imma take the tank off and check it out!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!
  9. no I wont be haulling enything..its just to go back and forth to the farm, and sometimes go for rides in small sand pits and farmer fields...thank you for your time!! and I havent thought of looking for ''new'' quads like that...Imma check out my local yamaha dealer, THANKS MAN!!!
  10. I picked out a beautiful 2006 raptor 700 se. its black and yellow..he wants 4800$ for it..i know its too high, how much do you think its worth...its mint and has new tires, bars, grips...small things like that.
  11. i tryed it and it dint work..thanks for your time.

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