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  2. Thanks I will adjust the valve and see what happens. and thanks also for the link to the down load, you have really saved me on that one. Rick
  3. I was using starting fluid from the start, I am not sure how i go from running, to a bad CDI, then to the timming being so far off it will not run, to bad rings or valves.... im wondering if the CDI is defective. or is timming required when changing a CDI box?
  4. hello let me start by saying that this problem started as a no spark issue, it always started and ran good untill now, after trouble shooting it i determined that the CDI was bad, i replaced the CDI and now i have spark, still no start, replaced the plug for good meassure, no start. I could tell it wanted to start and would accasonaly back fire thru the carb. I pulled it down the street and it fired right away but was missing baddly and would not idle at all. It really sounds like timming but im not that familar with the atv. any help would be great. Rick

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