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  2. For some reason guys I can't see what user posting on my phone but I'm getting emails telling me what was said. Anyway thanks for the reply but I was trying to pull start it earlier and it seized the piston fell to pieces. Now it's time for an engine. I'd like to put a 250 in this thing but not sure if it will fit. Not even sure what my motor is to just replace it all I know is it says national on it
  3. Hey all names Sean just joined up. I surfed the forums and couldn't track down anything to help me. Problem I'm having is when I try to start the quad with the electric start it turns over and will cough and a little puff of white smoke comes out of the exhaust. I pull started it the other day and she fired and would go for a bit if I feathers the throttle. As soon ad I would pull the clutch in though she dies. I changed spark plug, oil, starter solenoid. Haven't been able to check compression. Was thinking maybe timing is off? I'm not sure at this point I'm frustrated but keeping hope someone out here can point me in the right direction, this is my first quad.

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