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  2. EDIT: Never mind, found that our local Suzuki dealer lists them for under $4 each. I did not realize they would carry parts for ATVs that old. I cant figure out how to delete the thread, so I apologize! Hello everyone, This is my first time posting - hopefully I am in the right place...but please be kind if not! I am not ashamed to admit that I am a crazy beginner when it comes to ATV repair (okay, auto repair in general), but I am trying to restore this ATV piece-by-piece. I ordered front and rear brake shoes yesterday, then realized the set I ordered does not come with those stupid little springs. I can only find used springs on Ebay and can not find anyone selling new ones anywhere except with the shoes (and were crazy expensive compared to what I paid...I guess for good reason). Anyone have any idea where I can get my hands on a new set of these springs? Thanks so much!! Susan

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