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  1. what about this? what would you say this deal is / isnt missing? Honda 680 Rincon/ honda/ rincon/ 4-wheeler/ 4x4
  2. awesome, thanks for the direction. I definitely want 4 wheel drive and assume since I am going to be using to push snow and yard work, I should prolly get a heavier more of a hoss than a light racer. it sounds silly, but I am so overwhelmed starting this hunt. I am in cleveland and see some machines at auctions in the boons and see some stuff hidden on craigstlist but dont know what the hell im looking for. yikes.
  3. hi! nice! I like small community forums where the group knows a lot about each other and help each other on and off topic of website itself, i.e. tech, car, opions on toys and chit. can we say chit? how censored is this site? can we post goatse and stuff lol? for the record, Im the last person you will see pick a fight with someone. the internet is fun times and should be taken extremely srs lol. where should I start learning about these amazing machines?! Im 30 years old and closing on my first house on friday!!! 5 bed, 3 bath, 6 car garage (2 car attached and two detached buildings for toys!), on 3 acres!! my 48" scag with sulky is in the shop getting ready but I have come to the conclusion I need a 4wheeler for the property for daily maintenance, leaves, hauling shit with a trailer and definitely gonna need a plow. driveway is like 35 yards. should i stop calling it a 4wheeler? what kind am I gonna need? Where should I get one? auctions? used from dealer?
  4. hey dudes im totally new to ATV/4Wheelers and am looking for a couple of people to talk to and learn from. I am also looking for some people to lol with and do hilarious internet stuff. Is there a small group of guys here that hang out in the off topic section and bust each other and post hilarious videos and interweb pictures and stuff? If so, make an extra place setting cause Im staying for dinner! here is Louie, my 1.5 year old golden who also needs help to learn about these machines. Is it ok if we ask over 9000 questions?

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