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  2. Adjusted valves still don't start I adjusted on the mixture screws still the same the starter seems like it is turning it over good and fast but might not be fast enough we tried spraying starting fluid in it and it still wouldn't start off it
  3. Yeah we hooked my buddys four wheeler to it and put mine in gear and pulled it down the road and it starts right up everytime
  4. I have a 1994 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4x4 and it turns over but won't start unless you hook a rope to it and pull it then it starts right up every time and runs fine. At first after you pulled it the first time then run it a while it would start back on its own until it cooled down then you had to pull it again. I noticed that it was putting a little black smoke out of the muffler so we cleaned the carb adjusted it and put a new spark plug in it but it still won't start. What could be wrong with it

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