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  2. and here is one more problem im having trying toget the axles off [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAhtIIgsimg]front axle removal problem - YouTube[/ame]
  3. I have made another video here with the gearing bevel taken off. and by the looks of it with it shaking like it is does that mean i need a new bearing? and can i change it from this position or do i need to take the entire front drive out? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tChahZCNNIc]DRIVE SHAFT FRONT DRIVE SEAL - YouTube[/ame]
  4. anyone? i have made more videos about this as well if u click on my user name and i took the drive shaft that goes to the front diff off and the part wiggles so im guessing thats a bad bearing?
  5. 2010 brute force 750 vtwin 4x4 i made a video here and it will show u whats up. Can i change the seals just from taking the axles and drive shaft off or do i need to take the front diff out completely? [ame] [/ame]
  6. I also forgot to say that the oil light did come on while I was riding and it also came on before I changed the oil
  7. I took the wheels off completely in the front and the rotor did not move but with it moving like that when the tires on it can that be the bal joints ? And as far as the brown wire Idk if u looked closely but I'm not sure that brown wire is supposed to go there. And the part I showed where the leak was in the front is that the front diff seal? I pointed exactly where it was coming from and I'm not sure what seal or if that is even a seal where it's leaking from so do u mind shedding some light in on that?
  8. this is a video of updates and problems could u take a look man?
  9. Ok i have fixed the electrical i guess a wire came loose. But of course i have other problems now. It is leaking oil out of the front diff. Also my oil light comes on and flashes. It was doing this previously but i changed my oil today and it still does it. I have the right amount of oil along with no leaks from the motor at all. I was riding it today and i went through a few mud holes but nothing majorly deep and after i came out of a long trail of mud i had to put it into 4wheel drive to get out of it and after i got out the four wheeler shut off. from getting to hot i guess. but then i started it back up and kept going.
  10. i will make a video skidooer and upload it and show u
  11. hey man i got it all the seals changed and the water pump stuff and no leaks but i went to turn it on and nothing happens. it wont start my lights wont come on. i figured it might be the battery so i charged it and its fully charged and still notta. what could cause this? when u turn the key on the screen light comes on and such and i have a programmer and you can hear this starting up but the lights dont come on
  12. so i took off the 2 clutches and the seals were dry...how else can oil get into the crank case besides the 2 seals behind the clutches
  13. looking at the diagram here isnt 92049 for the secondary because the secondary is to the left? and 92049b is to the right?

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