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  1. so stock 26mm carb just jet it? which jets to change and wat size
  2. i have a 1998 yamaha blaster 200 2 stroke that i had the engine rebuilt and rebore the topend to 67mm which is .40 over stock bore.. i have stock exhaust and im gonna run a slip on uni filter. wat type or size carb do u think i should run
  3. I am looking for a cdi box 1988 yamaha warrior 350 xu. I need one badly thanks if u have one for a decent price.
  4. yeah linkage checks out great and the shifter peg goes in all gears!! Could a short in my ignition switch cause this? Okay when i dis connect the ground wires on my ignition it still turns my motor ove and light is still lite up!! What could this be?
  5. okay i have a yamaha warrior 350. when u turn ignition on the reverse light come on when u r in any gear and want shut off. cant figure out y? is there a reverse switch possibly that isnt plugged up that should be? any suggestions would be great thanks its driving me crazy!!!!!
  6. I think it hooks to hot side of solenoid the other end into harness!!! Because i have no power into my harness to nothing? Could this be my problem? I dont have a fuse link is why im askin everything else is wired in.
  7. Okay may sound crazy but where does a fuse link connect on a yamaha warrior 350 not location but actuallt connect? Thanks in advance!!!!
  8. Okay thanks im lost not sure how it works!!!! Im learning rebuilt my whole quad get to the wiring i cant get power in harness!!!!
  9. okay i have a yamaha warrior 350 not sure what year. i need to know if one of the electrical relays under left fender will keep it from have power through the whole harness? i have power no where except one side of solenoid plz help!!! rewired it myself everything i started from bare frame. i dont understand the only thing that see thats missin is one relay. the only way i get power in harness if i take a jump wire from the solenoid to ignition wire, it turns over but want fire that way if i unhook it i get nothing!!!!!!

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