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  2. I've got an issue with this bike thats just irritating me. the belt light wont go off and the 2wd and 4wd lights keep blinking back and forth and just wondered if anybody knows how to reset these things or just had any helpful tips? Thanks in advance
  3. Just got a twin peaks looking for some accessories racks extensions bumpers etc just wanting deck it out. New or used don.t much matter cant find much on ebay lol.
  4. Ok is says its a 700 twin peaks but we know better...sneaky sneaky..lol I was wanting to know if anybody could help me out with getting a service manual for this? I just got it and want to go completely over/threw it. ya know I need to know where everythings at But seriously I just want know more about the bike and go threw it with the manual...Any help would be much appreciated.....Thanks in advance.....

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