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  2. Update. It is not electrical, as I pulled the spark plug out and it is sparking when I hit the start button. Are there any steps in determining how to solve a gas issue? Is there an easy way to flush the carburetor? I started to take it off, but the throttle and choke linkage looked confusing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. My Honda Fourtrax won't start. The starter is kicking the engine over, but it won't start. It sat for about a year while I was living away, so I thought it might have been bad gas. I completely drained the fuel, flushed the fuel lines and filled it with fresh gas. However, still nothing. It started and ran fine the last time I used it. Any suggestions on how to diagnose this? It could be fuel or electrical at this point. Is there an easy way to rule one or the other out? Thanks

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