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  1. serious3


  2. i used a silicone lubricant in an aerosol can, seems to work very well
  3. heat gun would work better, i'd imagine its a wider are of heat compared to the naked flame of the torch think i'll get one next time they are on offer at my local tool shop
  4. just to update you on this project, i've finished the renovation of the whole quad. to renovate the plastics i used a..................................blowtorch!!!!! gently heated the plastics till it looked wet, took 15mins to do the whole lot!!
  5. my big bear 400 has lived all its life outside in horrible weather, the plastics are in good shape but very faded scruffy looking, is there anything i can put on them or use to restore them to their former glory?
  6. rebuild continuing at a pace..... welding started on the frame, carb ordered, a-arms on way from the states with a throttle cable, just need a rear hand brake cable and a choke cable and i can start throwing it back together, it'll look as rough as a bears arse but be mechanically spot on!! (just like me)
  7. actualy it was, not 1/4m from the atlantic....going to need some repairs and bits welded into the frame in places, i've a-arms for one side coming off ebay, seller put up pics of left side ones but reckons they are right side:skeptic: its holding me up getting the other side till i know what is coming!
  8. this gives you an idea of what i'm up against....
  9. just google a pile of rust and imagine some big bear plastics on it, that'll give you an idea of what it looks like!!! i'll throw up some later when i get a few mins:wink:
  10. hello all, i've just been given a 2002 yamaha big bear 400, its not quite the gift horse it seemed to be..... turns out the frame is rather rusty and the front a-arms are fubar... carby is trashed too, ah well i've got plenty of time and a shed full of tools. biggest problem i have is that here in ireland the big bear 400 wasn't sold her so bits and bobs for them are thin on the ground, ebay is now my best friend

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