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Restoring ATV Plastics


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  • 4 weeks later...

if you scuff sand it with a fine grit, (id say 320+) sandpaper, clean them with technical grade isopropyl alcohol or acetone, and wipe them dry with a clean, low lint cloth, you should have no problems painting them.

I would advise using a paint with flex agents, such as Krylon fusion, regular rattle can will crack and flake off as soon as the plastics start flexing

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  • 1 month later...
the blow torch is an interesting fix. so your saying a little heat to the plastics wil bring out the luster and maybe fix some scratches as well? i will vouch for the krlon fusion spray cans. i restored boat seats using that, takes along time to completely dry but lasted for yrs.

it helps, it doesnt completely eliminate everything, but it can take out stress marks ...

small scratches will somewhat be hidden ,,, i used a heat gun, only because i dont trust myself with a flame (LOL) but you can do damage to the plstics too if you leave it on one spot too long with either ...

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heat gun is the best method i have found. The darker the color the better the results. There is a video on UTUBE using boiled linseed oil and paint thinner. If you want to have $10 less and a half a can of boiled linseed oil on you r chem-tool shelf , waste a couple of hours of precious life and have the plastics look exactly the same as they did be 4 started then thats the vid for you!. Dont ask me how i know, I would suggest that when using heat gun method-plastics should be attatched to the ATV. Other wise you could end up with a big plastic taco looking thing. The cheap plastic welder from HBF has some use as well as the heat gun $9.99 each. HBF staples only fit staple gun that does NOT exist, so take the staples and break off a length, place them over a large break or crack, heat them and press them into plastic to hold 2 pieces together.

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