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  2. does it have a manual clutch or semi-auto / slip clutch?
  3. if you scuff sand it with a fine grit, (id say 320+) sandpaper, clean them with technical grade isopropyl alcohol or acetone, and wipe them dry with a clean, low lint cloth, you should have no problems painting them. I would advise using a paint with flex agents, such as Krylon fusion, regular rattle can will crack and flake off as soon as the plastics start flexing
  4. maybe try bypassing the ignition switch and see if you are getting power
  5. have you checked the fuses, relays, tried any other electrical troubleshooting?
  6. sounds like who ever rebuilt it either didnt adjust the valves right, or the timing is a hair off
  7. The "final gear" right behind the engine runs the same type of oil but is its own reservoir, drain it by pulling the bottom left bolt on the rear of the casing and fill it from the fill plug on the top as you would a differential, just until it reaches the bottom of the threads. I'm not sure what plug exactly you are referring to hut I hope that helps As for the filter, I would recommend changing it if you don't know how long since last changed. But after that, as long as it isn't damaged you can clean it with some solvent and a soft bristled brush. Just let it dry before you reinstall it. Just change it every second or third oil change depending on the interval
  8. I know next to nothing about CVTs but I do under stand slip clutches enough to know that if its idling too high the clutch wont fully disengage and that could cause it to grind
  9. It sounds like its forcing air out the intake which on a car would mean your timing was 180* out. I don't know enough about single cylinder engines to give you a more accurate diagnosis other than to double check your timing and make sure your valves aren't sticking. Also take a close look at that intake boot and make sure it isn't cracked or torn.
  10. Just reread the op you said it was puffing black smoke out the intake? That sounds like a a stuck valve and/or a timing issue
  11. I beg to differ, I'm an aircraft mechanic and parts do mysteriously crap out, all the time.
  12. My taotao 250 uses about 3/4qt for both the engine and gearbox. I use valvoline ATV 10w40
  13. Looks a lot like the taotao I have in my backyard
  14. I dug a little more into the service manual and I figured out the neutral light issue, that one is a bad relay.
  15. for some reason i didnt see that this had posted the first time and double posted it, how do i delete it?

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