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  2. Thanks, Thought it looked strange. I more used w motocross (2wheels) but Im learning.
  3. Just be out driving. I discovered that when I turn left, left wheel turn more than the right. Same way when turning to the right, right wheel turn more than the left' Should it work like that or do I need to fix it somehow?
  4. That was what I could afford. However, I am satisfied :-)
  5. Thats an idee, bigger wheels Maybe adjust camber and caster, have any tried that? If so, did it get more stable?
  6. Just bought a BadBoy 200cc, (sometime called Comanche) Have got lots of idees how to get it better from Swedish forums. Most of them involvs lowering, but I just rides in the woods. Do anybody got any sugestions of improvments when riding in the woods (like it high))? Thanks!
  7. Was about to change the oils on the TaoTao atv. Its an automatic, no gears or only one. Problem is that I only found one place to fill oil instead of two. Could it be that it use the same oil for the engine and autogearbox? If it like that what oil should i use? Transmission or 4-strook?
  8. Maybe its 250cc frame w/ 110cc engine? It also say Model Year 2007 but the seller said 2002.
  9. Thanks! Interesting, I have never heard of Taotao, but it has to be such a. Found also this one ATV(Tta50d with 110cc Engine) - China Taotao Group Zhejiang Taotao Industry Co. Ltd It even har exhaust pipe on the lefthand site
  10. Thats the one I have used. Problem is that it say unknown on manufacture and model.
  11. Found a VIN no on the fram: L5NATMCT87T014400 But all I got from that is that its chinees.
  12. It looks a bit like a Kazuma but I cant find any model with the exhaust pipe on the lefthand site. Some pic of the engine
  13. I bought a quad bike (110cc) for my son, but neither I nor the seller knows what kind of brand / model. Can anyone help me?

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