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Just bought a BadBoy 200cc, (sometime called Comanche)

Have got lots of idees how to get it better from Swedish forums.

Most of them involvs lowering, but I just rides in the woods.

Do anybody got any sugestions of improvments when riding in the woods (like it high))?


Edited by Sveden
Added a nice name for my ATV

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larger rims and bigger wheels. I gained 4 inches by going from 12" to 14" rims,

Then from 25" to 27" tires. Less expensive then raising body and replacing axles ...

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Thats an idee, bigger wheels :yes:

Maybe adjust camber and caster, have any tried that?

If so, did it get more stable?

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Just be out driving.

I discovered that when I turn left, left wheel turn more than the right.

Same way when turning to the right, right wheel turn more than the left'

Should it work like that or do I need to fix it somehow?

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Hello friends. My used Bashan BS200S-7 does not have the metal nameplate on the front bracket of the chassis. When I look at the reference image in the manual, I can not understand the format of the data. Can someone help by showing me a better photo?

Enviado do meu MEO_Tablet_2 através do Tapatalk

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