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  1. So glad it worked. It might not be the prettiest skid plate, but it gets the job done. And it was a lot of fun making something from nothing!
  2. Oh no! I was using a link shortener so maybe this one will work: Our DIY Skid Plate - Scooter's Scooters
  3. We really like VINCheck. Its a free service provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. We wrote an article about VINCheck a few weeks ago, How to Avoid Purchasing a Stolen ATV. Its good that you are thinking about running the VIN, but we always recommend that you do it before you buy a used ATV. (Although since your friend already bought it, its still better than not running it at all.) We also pointed out in our article that there are a lot of benefits to completing a Bill of Sale at the time of purchase. We have a free Bill of Sale on our site available here, if you're interested. I hadn't previously heard of the decoder listed above, but will definitely give it a shot. I like that it decodes the make and model but my only question would be whether or not it can recognize if the VIN belongs to a bike that has been reported stolen? If not, it may be a good idea to use it in conjunction with the VINCheck service.
  4. I have seen people use bed liner and that looks really cool. We've been wanting to try it for awhile but haven't came across anything that really needed it yet. If you do try it (or something else), we would love to feature it on our website. The link is here, just in case you are interested.
  5. My husband and I started dating in 2006. He had (still has) a KFX 400 that he would take me out on. One day he surprised me with a Warrior 350 so that we could ride together and I have been hooked ever since. Several months ago, we started a blog about our ATV lifestyle (in the hopes that it would keep us accountable and force us to find more time to ride - it does!). If anyone is interested, we posted our story here. We haven't really seen any other ATV repair/lifestyle blogs out there, so if you know of any, we would really love to hear about them.
  6. Hi there! Just joined the forums and wanted to share a project we finished this summer. The skid plate on my Warrior 350 was really starting to show its age, so we built a new one from scrap metal. I included the link below. bit.ly/1b6ywyt'>DIY Skid Plate
  7. What exactly were you having problems with? You said it had been "sitting up for awhile"? If all that you needed was a quick look over and a new battery, there shouldn't really be a reason for the mechanic to keep it at the shop. Does the mechanic work for a local small business, or is it a dealership repair shop that you are having issues with? Regardless, I think I would ask to speak to a manager before paying anything.

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