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Looking for a VIN decoder online

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Hello gang,

In the past I have always used the website Motoverse.com to decode VIN numbers for my ATVs. Recently I attempted using the websites VIN decoder link and for months it's been out of order. Does anyone know of another website that decodes VIN numbers for free? My friend just bought a used Yamaha Big Bear and he wants to run the VIN. Verify if it's stolen and confirm the exact model quad. I managed to verify my Polaris VIN on the PurePolaris.com website. Any one know of another VIN decoder besides Motoverse.com to look up Yamaha ATV?

Thanks guys.


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Hey thanks bro! That link works gr8! It not only told me make and model but even the color was "green", lol. That's cool. I appreciate the help. I own a '98 Yamaha Big Bear and a '00 Polaris Sportsman and it's helpful knowing the exact model numbers. I learned there were about 8 different models built during my model yr and when you are ordering replacement parts it's good info to have.

Thanks again Oxi-Black!


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We really like VINCheck. Its a free service provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. We wrote an article about VINCheck a few weeks ago, How to Avoid Purchasing a Stolen ATV. Its good that you are thinking about running the VIN, but we always recommend that you do it before you buy a used ATV. (Although since your friend already bought it, its still better than not running it at all.)

We also pointed out in our article that there are a lot of benefits to completing a Bill of Sale at the time of purchase. We have a free Bill of Sale on our site available here, if you're interested.

I hadn't previously heard of the decoder listed above, but will definitely give it a shot. I like that it decodes the make and model but my only question would be whether or not it can recognize if the VIN belongs to a bike that has been reported stolen? If not, it may be a good idea to use it in conjunction with the VINCheck service.

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Well Motoverse.com back when their Vin Decoder link worked was great. Its been down for months. Luckily when I bought my yamaha I used it and got the info I needed before site stopped working. My polaris I used PUREPOLARIS.com and logged in my VIN. I got both bikes Registered and tagged now so Good News, neither were stolen bikes. WooHoo! This is always my fear when buying things thru Craigslist. A hand shake deal with no title can sometimes lead to problems. If u cant find a free online VIN decoder, just contact the manufacturer and they can provide u with all the info about your bike thru your VIN number. You may have to email custoemr service and wait several days but its an option. Some decoders aren't truly decoders. They merely just tell u who its registered to or tell u if bike is stolen, they don't always provide you with the specs of your bike. Sites like Cheapcycleparts .com are great for looking up OEM parts and they show exploded diagrams of how all your parts go together. Even if u don't buy from them, the diagrams are helpful. U simply enter your Bike brand, model, year, and engine size. Good luck!

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