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  1. nlee


  2. There is not a longer number stamped in to the frame? Could be on bar under foot peg; on bar on front suspension, on bar on rear suspension, or on bar running across front...
  3. GREAT to know! Looking for manuals is what brought me to this site!
  4. Did you figure it out? The brand, cc, whatever?
  5. Grew up on a farm, playing the way kids used to play... OUTSIDE with our IMAGINATION. Older brother got in to dirt bikes, then there were mini bikes, then there were ATV's. Still are, for the farm work (WONDERFUL!) and for the kids to have fun!
  6. New to all this; have an ATV for my grandsons. Have some fields to ride in at the house. What happens when they get tired of going in circles....
  7. Wow, I am excited! IS there somewhere in MD I can take the grandboys to ride their ATV and Motorcycle?
  8. Do any of you have ATV's for your children or grandchildren? My grandboys are fairly responsible, but they ARE boys! The ride the heck out of this 4 wheeler. Any suggestions what I can do to keep it running longer....?
  9. I use VIN check. But isn't "rule of thumb" that the 10th digit is the year? Obviously if it is a letter you definitely need the decoder.
  10. I am a 63 year young "Nana" who rode when I was younger, then my kids rode. I still like the breeze in my hair now and then. Mostly I try to keep something around and running for my 5 grandboys.
  11. Me again.... 2001 Kawasaki Bayou 220cc Manual says the AIr FIlter needs to be cleaned after riding through mud, dirt, etc... The boys ride through that every time they ride. Do I really need to pull the seat and do all that cleaning EVERY time? AND then it leads to clean this and clean that. I guess I am asking WHAT is THE most important to do? I am g'ma, I want 4 wheeler to hold up and last, but not really in to all this!
  12. Bought a 2001 Kawasaki Bayou 220cc for grandboys. Have three different "opinions" on what type of oil to use. Looking for a consensus.. KAWASAKI oil? STP Oil??? OR what?

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