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  2. Is the batt in good condition and connections are good?
  3. SO YOUR AKWI HAVE THE "WAA WAA WAA WAAAAS".? Its like the rev limiter is kicking or your going in reverse too fast? try a couple things. 1st when it does this turn the headlight on, any change? take the gas cap off any change?, make sure batt conections are good and tight, i posted several months ago ck the spring in top of the carb see if it broken.
  4. I have a 98 KODIAK 400cc PART OUT ATV. Engine will need to be gone through, it will run. MEXIA,TX. [email protected]
  5. Maybe this will help if it does please let me know. I had a customer bring me 7 KAWI 360s. 5 of them had the spring in the top of the carb broken. some showed sytpoms as you describe and some did not. I would not advise removing the top of your carb. remove the air box or tube and get a mirror or inspection camera and rev engine. See if vaccum piston is moving up and down. If its not then remove the top and inspect the rubber part of the vaccum piston for holes in it. you may find the spring in several pieces. Spring is made of wire small wire gauge if you ask me. I dont think draining a carb
  6. That could be a hard one to determine what caused all that to happen? interested in what happen to it. keep posting!
  7. bLOWN HEAD GASKET, CRACKED HEAD. Problem was there B4 now and thats why you lost coolant 1st time.
  8. I had a gy6 engine in a Hammerhead buggy had bad electric choke. after 20 mins it ran like crap. study up on it in the manual. 3 months b4 parted out a 2005 ACAT 400 and remebered it had similar choke on the caRB! TRIED TO USE THE acat ck ON THE BUGGY ETC...
  9. CHEAP LED SPARK TESTER ON THE PLUG WIRE AND WATCH FOR A MISFIRE. I am taking a guess at this, That ATV IS carbed correct? It has an eletric choke? If so this choke is automatic? Its heats up over a period of time and closes the enrichner circuit. You said it starts cutting out, could it be flooding from the choke not working right? Black smoke? simple ohm test should tell you good or bad on the choke. Describe the cutting out loss of power? spiting sputuring, back firing etc? Just wont take throttle?
  10. LOTS OF PEOPLE like and use ROTTELLA. changing oil with car oil is way better than NOT changing it. I have put a many of quart of car oil in a many of ATVS MYSELF! Seen the old timer change the filter and add a quart to old farm truck and drive it tiill the wheels fall off. Who knows what is really in that plastic container. I have not tried AMSOIL PRODUCTS. other than had a 2 stroke kfx80 and used AMSOIL IN IT, NEVER HAD A PROBLEM. 3 thing i would bet the farm on are CASTROL,ROYAL PURPLE AND SEA-FOAM! that SEA-FOAM is pure magic!
  11. hey my 1984 Kawasaki KLT 250 stoped running. It sat up in the shed for a month or two and was running great before. Now it wont run at all. Sprayed ether in carb/intake, nothing. Gets spark, compression, and fuel. Wont pop off. Took carb off and sprayed ether in hole and it lit up on fire. whats my problem? ME: ok hold on a minute. you sprayed ether in what hole and fire shot out where Lmao! in intaken hole and i lit half the bike on fire but got it out quick so i didnt hurt nothing u know what im talking about?
  12. Most engine damaged is done when you start your engine not while its running! Mercedes and or Bmw maybe others use electric oil pumps to circulate the oil in the engine the secoud the key hit the ignition. I am not up to date on auto and oiling!
  13. Thats a good point about Hondas! I have a RINCON 650 here for repair. Runs wont move. I dont know a lot about these Hondas. I do believe they have a unique drive system works off hydralic pressure from engine oil.
  14. Using automotive oil in ATV/MC causes serious damage. In automotive vehicles, the engine is always separate from the clutch and transmission so they have separate oils for each. In automotive engine oil, there is more of what is called "friction modifiers" to help lessen the amount of friction on engine components and improve fuel economy. Of course, improving fuel economy has always been the main goal of the automotive industry making friction modifiers a necessity for all automotive oils. These friction modifiers that are added to automotive oils are what cause serious damages when used in

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