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  1. New problem. I wanted to change the fluid in my front hubs only to find that there wasn't any fluid in them but full of grease instead. Pulled the hub apart and found the hub seals are missing. I ordered Part # 3610019 that was listed for my model. They are too big. They measure 3.258in across and my hubs measure 3.10in. I was baffled. I can only assume that someone in the last 12 years replaced the hubs. They are Polaris hubs though. I have checked through several years and models and all I have seen list the same part number. Anyone have any ideas on this or happen to know a seal part number with that measurement? The rotor hole is the same as the hub. This is a 4x4 with Hilliard Clutch. Thanks for your input.
  2. I ended up rebuilding the top end. New piston, rings, bore, cam, rockers, machined head, seals/gaskets. Runs like a champ now.
  3. As for the head gasket, my guess is the cam wasn't opening the exhaust valves enough and so the exhaust pressure had to go somewhere. As for the cam flattening out, I've been told that someone probably ran low on oil for a while. I'll ask my engine guy once he has looked over the head.
  4. Head Gasket was blown pretty bad. Head is in the shop getting checked out. Cam exhaust lobe and rocker were flattened out as well.
  5. Somehow ran my system dry of coolant and didn't know it. Was running with dead battery. i.e. no lights. Overflow hose from filler neck to recovery bottle was melted. Wheeler is very hard to start after this. Prior; rebuilt the carb and machine ran great. Now I have to slightly hold the throttle at just the right spot while choke is on to get the engine to turn over fast enough to start. Now once it starts I am getting white smoke coming out where the thermostat goes. I removed while flushing out remainder of old antifreeze and beginning to put in new. See the video. Thanks for your input. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuBS0R2shII[/ame]
  6. Seemed to run the same with the air box open. Didn't take filter off. Air filter is new. Manifold boot looks fine. Should I spray cleaner through air inlet with filter off? Any particular cleaner brand? Bike doesn't have a winch, yet. Battery looks good. Previous owner says "recently replaced." Holds charge when not running. Was reading 10.55 volts when it wouldn't turn over and dropped to under 5 when trying to turn over. Recharges enough to start turning the bike over in under 10 min with external charger. Prior owner had electric deer feeder on which was removed before sale. Switch for it was disconnected.
  7. 2002 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO all stock. Was running ok. Up and down the street. Backfired a little. Took it out to play. While warming it up I forgot to turn on the fuel and it ran down and died. Turned on the fuel and fired it up. No real issues. Upon attempting to go uphill and then through light mud problems began. Became real sluggish and very little power. Started acting like it was starving for fuel. Then it died. During this time my battery was drained. Tried to pull start with no luck until moving/pushing the quad. Back at the shop I checked the fuel filter, fuel lines, carb bowl and all seemed fine. I loosened the fuel cap and it started right up. Let it run for a bit, then was throttling it. Up to 3/4 throttle all seemed fine. Above 3/4 multiple backfires and choking. Also backfired when letting throttle loose. Bike is idling rough. Closed choke and it immediately died. Would not start with choke closed. Took a few tries once choke was open again. Charging issue: Bike is draining battery during use. Battery recharges with battery charger very quickly. I would appreciate any and all help and advice. Thank you in advance for your time.
  8. Thanks. So, Castrol Synthetic 10W-40 wouldn't be a replacement for Polaris Premium 4 synthetic 10W-40?
  9. I am wondering if anyone uses fluids other than the Polaris fluids from dealer to service their machine. If so, what brands? Are other fluids from say Oreilly just as good? Also, do you prefer steel or aluminum wheels? Why? Thank you.
  10. Thanks. The drain was blocked in the air box and had a lot of oil build up. Didn't realize until the blockage moved and the oil drained out onto the floor. Will check the carb when I have time. Just thought it was a lot of oil. I understand about coating the filter.
  11. I have a 2002 Sportsman 500 HO 4x4. Just got it. I haven't as of yet checked anything extensively. Just wanted to put the question out there. All Stock. Oil blowback into air intake? Intake filter smells like it was dunked into a gas can? Thanks in advance.
  12. Trying to locate the Repair/Service Manual for a 2002 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO. I looked through the files in your link but didn't locate this manual. I did locate the parts manual. Thank you for your time commitment to help the community. Also, I have a burning smell with some white smoke coming from the exhaust. Ideas?

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