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  2. i didnt see a manual for a 2006 honda rancher trx350tm 2x4 listed but if you have one it would be greatly appreceated thanks
  3. i have a kaw. bouyo ,1991 300 4x4, runs just fine. i have a chance to trade for a 2006 honda rancher 350 2x4 plus a cpl hundred bucks that is also a good runner. are there any issues with these hondas im not aware of? am i giveing up alot going from 4x4 to 2x4? does it sound like a good idea? i havent needed the xtra power to the front wheels often and even then i could have avoided the snow and mud.
  4. i have a 91 kaw 300 4x4 it use to go in reverse but doent now, is there anything i can check or adjust?. it hasnt worked since the rear brake cable broke that i havent fixed yet, does that have anything to do with it?
  5. im gonna fly out of the north country for a wk. and head for las vegas. i have a nephew in calif said he would bring his atv's out there so we can ride. any suggetions on good places, like sand dunes etc.? he's never ridden in nevada either. sounds like fun.
  6. as far as the wires go, check and see if the lites work, if not hookem up. if its charging ok . if the wires make no difference than it was an accesorry, winch or something. tape it up with electric tape then leave it be.
  7. if its not useing oil [rings] then the most likely thing is the fuel/ air mixture screw, just back it down to snug then open a turn and a half or so, adjust from there. i have a 91 kaw 300 and that took care of the plug getting fouled.
  8. i was in a hardware store, seen they had bulk nylon camo fabric pretty cheap. i was thinking with proper adesive doing the plastic on my atv instead of paint. any ideas, xperience or suggestions? it appears to be nylon backing under a synthetic fabric, maybe like youd use on a duck boat or something. i dont plan on getting one of those pricey '' kits''
  9. i use interstate batterys in everything i own. they have a good warrenty and have never had a bad one.
  10. i ride in the snow every day to check coyote traps. after a long walk home i always carry a shovel now. i ride a kaw bayou 300 4x4. only got stuck once.
  11. the blow torch is an interesting fix. so your saying a little heat to the plastics wil bring out the luster and maybe fix some scratches as well? i will vouch for the krlon fusion spray cans. i restored boat seats using that, takes along time to completely dry but lasted for yrs.
  12. this is my 1st atva kawisaki bayou 300 4x4. its alot of fun. im in the process of retireing from farming so i have plenty of time and plenty of places to ride. iv been useing the beast for checking fences and my trap line. i wasnt sure how it would do in the snow, thats why i call it the beast, havent been stuck yet. looking at the map it appears im the only one on here from s dak. i guess s dak. is one of the few states you can lisence and drive atv's on public roads. not sure if ill do that yet or not. theres nothing i have to work on yet on the beast but im sure ill eventually be looking for a manual to make adjustments etc.

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