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tradeing up


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i have a kaw. bouyo ,1991 300 4x4, runs just fine. i have a chance to trade for a 2006 honda rancher 350 2x4 plus a cpl hundred bucks that is also a good runner. are there any issues with these hondas im not aware of? am i giveing up alot going from 4x4 to 2x4? does it sound like a good idea? i havent needed the xtra power to the front wheels often and even then i could have avoided the snow and mud.

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    • By briantutt
      I am trying to resurrect the old fourtrax my dad bought in 87'. It starts and runs fine but there is an issue with the fan and oil temp light that is not covered by the service manual. The manual covers light not on and fan not on but not this issue. The problem is when you turn on the ignition the oil temp light comes on and so does fan but both stay on. Everything I read says the fan should not come on and the light should go off after a few seconds. I did a resistance check on oil temp sensor at room temp and get 10,500 ohms which is what the book says it should be. I haven't pulled it to check at 212°F or 338°F but that might be next depending on what you guys think/ might be the problem. Hoping someone else has fixed this issue before. It makes sense to me that if the sensor was low resistance the control would think "over heating and turn on light and blow fan" but with the resistance at 10,500 this doesn't make sense.
    • By SDK777
      Hi everyone, I have a Suzuki King Quad 300 I bought new in 2020. I am looking for a workshop and owners manual for it. I have looked online and can purchase a manual but they only go up to 2004. Does anyone know if there is a newer edition or would that cover my Quad. Thanks in advance 
    • By TSWIII
      I let my ArticCat sit over the winter but before it was put in the garage it was running perfect. In taking it out this year it wouldn't start. I can start it with a charger and it will idle just fine. But it's doing something weird now. Either the display 1)won't display anything or 2) it will just display the analog speedometer but none of the digital stuff or 3) it will display all. So it was acting really sluggish when in HIGH gear and sounded like it was in low gear. So in driving it down the road and it being sluggish, I switched the ignition key to "Lights ON" and the ATV immediately picked up as though it really was in HIGH gear. Switching the ignition back to "ON" was like down shifting into LOW gear. When I came to a stop and switched from LIGHTS on to just ON the ATV completely died. After a 30 minute ride you would think it would start again but I had to jump it again to get it to start. Same issues with the ignition having to be pointed to Lights for it to run decently. Then just as I got back to home base the display showed VOLT. It acts like it's something in the ignition but not sure how that's related to the gears. I put a gas cleaner in the tank since it's been sitting but it really doesn't seem like a bad gas issue that I thought it was at first. I checked the IGN fuse but it seems fine, replaced it with the extra fuse but no joy. Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks in advanced for any help. It's much appreciated. 
    • By timberwolf357
      i added this video because its hard to explain what it's doing. i cant figure this problem out. i thought it was fuel. but its got good flow from the tank and i tried a different carb and got the same result. hiting the throttle doesnt change anything. it's driving me nuts. it has a new stator and coil.

    • eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

      eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

      eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

    • By jeff1
      Hey, I’m getting oil coming out of the fill/ dipstick handle when running and I have overfilled crankcase that smells like gas. Would this be a sticking float in the carb?
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