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  2. Always! I run synthetic in everything I own. Even my old antique engines. It wont fix anything but it wont hurt anything for sure. Brad_cad
  3. Check your gas tank vent, might be plugged. Does it suck in air when you loosen the gas tank cap after it stalls out? Just a thought.
  4. My first step in problem solving is always the simple stuff first! I would try it again with the tools needed in my back pocket to pull the spark plug. Ride till it stops, yank the plug quickly and 1)-look for spark 2)-check to see if plug is wet or dry! That one test will lead you to the start of your correct action plan .
  5. Wow, that's very strange, did you find the problem? Maybe a bare wire grounding out somewhere?
  6. Did you figure out the location of that wire? I will look at mine and see if I can locate your wire on my bike.
  7. How did your excessive smoke issue turn put? I am running a 1996 and it took several high speed distance runs to clear the pipe and stop smoking, I am still running the ejector pump on mine.. BradCad
  8. This sounds like a great/fun/interesting project, looking forward to seeing some pics!
  9. UPDATE - I installed the new unit and it works great, as expected and it takes much more effort to rotate it. Not allot but much more then the old one. I also found out these units are easy to break trying to disassemble them! Glad I ordered the new one. Thanks for the input! BradCad
  10. I tried to take it apart to look at but it does not come apart. At least it was not obvious. I was sure it would break if I tried to pry the handle off. Anyway, I have a whole new peacock coming.
  11. Thats a great tip! not to mention $$ saver, Thanks
  12. Yes thats not a bad price and the best idea. I was hoping to get some riding in this weekend though . . . .
  13. Hello All, - I have a 1996 Sportsman 400 4x4 2 stroke, and the fuel petcock leaks like crazy. It leaks around the red barrel that rotates to the 3 positions, on off and reserve. Can it be repaired or is replacement the only cure? Thanks in Advance.

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