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  2. Have a 2000 Sportsman 90 I picked up for my youngest son. It had been sitting and would not start, so I pulled and cleaned the carb, cleaned the tank, put fresh gas in it and it fired right up. It seems to run out good, but after riding it for a few minutes when you de-cellerate it bogs down and will slowly stall out or drop down to a low idle. I can fire it back up and it will pick up ok, but every few minutes it seems to want to bog down and throttle response is non-existant. Fuel and plug are fresh. It does seem to be pretty smoky with the auto oil injection. Could to much oil cause this type of behavior ? Anything else to check? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the response. I finally figured out the problem and was able to get it to start. THere were two wires that were wrapped up together that I undid when I cleaned everything up and turned out they were the ground to the starter circuit. Now the problem I have is sometimes it wont shut off... For some reason (and it does not happen every time), I can turn off the key, move the switch to sop or pull out the deadman switch and none of them shut it down. I either have to turn the fuel off and wait, or pull one of the coil leads. Any idea what was cause this internmittently? Ive checked all the wiring under the headlight bucket for the switches and cant see anything loose or corroded. Appreciate any help
  4. Picked up a used 2001 90 last week that needed some TLC. I cleaned it up and replaced he plug and it started right up and has been running great for last week. Will start with kick start or key. The guy I bought it from had pulled the front plastic off to troubleshoot, so this morning I spent a couple of hours putting the plastics all back on and now it wont turn over at all with the electric start and wont start with the kick start either (sounds like no spark) Any suggestions what to look for? I check all the obvious wire connections and everything looks like its still hooked up, but something must have happened during the plastic install. Any suggestions on what to look for?
  5. Gas is fresh. Called the seller and he said the dealer just did oil change and inspection on it before he sold it. Only thing I can think of is somehow a piece of trash came loose in the carb during the trip home and somehow if preventing gas from getting to it. Does this make sense?? How will it run fine after starting on ether, but wont get enough gas to initially start?
  6. Yeah, its a chain drive sold axle. Ill jack it up and see if I there is any movement. The sprockets and chain dont look worn but looks like its adjusted pretty tight. Could it somehow be binding and popping free as it rotates?
  7. My wife has a well used 325 Trail Boss and recently she noticed there is a distinct rhythmic clicking or popping noise that sounds like its coming from the chain/ sprocket area. Increases with speed and happens in fwd or reverse. I jacked up the rear of the quad and rotated the tires and there is no sound when the drivetrain is unloaded. Any suggestions on what this could be or how to troubleshoot? Im new to 4-wheelers, so this might be something pretty simple but I just dont have much experience working with them. Would appreciate any help or suggestions
  8. Just joined the forum and was hoping to get some advise on a problem Im having with a new quad I picked up for my son. Its a 2003 LT160 Quadrunner. When I bought it the guy said it ran fine and was riding it when I got there. It ran great, good power, idled fine, etc. and restarted easily. when I got it home (90min ride) it would not start and killed the battery (which I knew was weak already) The next day I charged the battery up and still could not get it to start. I tried choke on and off and throttle one and off with no real difference . The very 1st crank it sounded like it wanted to fire, but after that it just turned (does not sound like it is firing). I removed the air cleaner and gave it a shot of starting fluid and it started right up and kept running great! Let it sit a week, got a fresh battery in it, topped off the fuel and got basically the same thing. 1st initial crank it tried to fire and nothing after that. Any ideas what might be going on that would cause it to not start unless I use Starting Fluid? So far I have not taken apart anything to troubleshoot. Thanks!

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