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  2. so this project sat over the winter and I am still willing to do it I just need some support from the forum for ideas
  3. so I got a motor for the go kart. It's a kawasaki 750cc ninja motor that I traded for a couple of antique tractors for. The problem is I need an ignition system which will cost me like $400... so I nee to come up with some money.
  4. so I have finally decided to cut the quads frame. I just need to decide on a tube diameter and thickness to weld to the existing ATV frame.
  5. Later today I will be posting pictures of the quad. Unfortunately we have determined that the 2 stroke 250cc engine that came with the trail boss is not salvageable. So no th only motor w have is a 5hp Briggs motor that we will half to run until we acquire a bite bike or atv motor. As far as the build is concerned we have decided to remove the transmission and mount the motor there with a centrifugal clutch to start off just to get it moving. We plan on cutting the frame in half and extending it about 3 1/2 to 4 feet in length to add space for a seat and leg room. We are going to cut out the back bone of the frame so we have room for our heads and w will add supports running parallel to the bottom tubes of the frame. I realize the May be hard to visualize but I will post picture along with my best friend who will hopefully be joining the forums soon.
  6. Not sure how heavy it's gonna be... the plan is to shave as much unnecessary metal off as possible. For the wheels and tires im thinking keeping it stock and using a modified version of the CVT transmission. As far as the motor goes we are going to start small, like a 5hp Briggs as a starting spot to get the suspension and drive line fine tuned. Then we are probably going to drop in the biggest motor we can find or it will safely Handel.
  7. I will be posting pictures of the quad tomorrow. I do really need some opinions here...
  8. hey guys my name is preston and i just joinned the fourm and so far i am glad i did so. that aside me and my frien jus aquired a 1985 polaris trail boss with a blown motor for $50 and we have a crazy plan for it. we wanna take the existing frame ans strip it down to a rolling frame and then turn it into a go kart. Now the reason that we wish to do so is because we think its a moderatly easy way to build a Kart with both front and rear suspension. i am wondering if anybody has tried this with similar quads or any input in general would be great.

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