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  2. There is a huge debate in winches being bought for ATV's lately here is my opinion well first the debate is what pound winch to get what brand and what to go with metal corded or the Synthetic winch i would go with a 2000 pound warn synthetic synthetic because the metal cord over time frays and the little metal wire poke out and stab the crap out of your hands and can even cut you really good if your not careful I ride with riding gloves but i don't use metal cord because i don't want to have to put on leather gloves just to use my winch on a trail synthetic doesn't fray and is easier on the winch its self not as much friction when unspooling let me know what you guys use what brand weight rating and synthetic or metal cord
  3. easiest way to mount a winch on a quad if you don't have any winch mount or metal to mount a winch is weld a thick peace of metal on your font either frame or bumper of your quad and attach the winch somewhere out of the sun and somewhere were rocks won't get in it or anything else that can damage the winch just remember if you have a 600 puns quad don't get a 700 pound winch get a winch that has a higher load rating then what your quad is get a 1000 puns rated or even a 2000 pound winch and on an tav don't be cheap with you winch it never works out well some winches at even harbor freight for a 1000 one is like 200 are better than some off brand ones for 500 and those types of off brands tend to brake way easier they won't even work with a little bit of dirt ,water ,mud etc
  4. I have a 2001 polaris scrambler 500 (2x4) I have recently added a K&N filter with filter cover FMF power core 4 muffler I wrapped my exhaust in heat wrap I have noticed an increase an power it gets to top speed way quick but i was wondering about my rpm's i have noticed just going about 20 mph my rpm's are higher than they used to be people have told me i need to replace my clutch aka get a clutch kit i know i need to replace the belt already looked at it will a clutch kit help lower the rpm's or is it because i have more air running in and out of the quad because of the K&n and a fmf muffler which allows more air flow their for more power.
  5. why do you like polaris instead of can am or kawasaki
  6. for those of you who don't know it stands for ATV=ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE UTV= Utility Task Vehicle or ROV (Recreational Off highway vehicle) FMF=flying machine factory IF YOU DIDNT KNOW THIS NO BIGGY LOTS OF RIDERS DONT ESPECIALLY NEW ONES
  7. I use polaris brand oil for my you guessed it my polaris scrambler 01 500 2x4 its great tell me what you use sometimes i use other stuff but you have to watch out with atv oil some makers in production get dust and dirt in the oil and sometimes even metal particles
  8. I have an 01 polaris scrambler 500 2x4 i think the dry weight is 523 lbs ya it is its on the manual but my quad probably ways a little bit less has a rear rack that is meant for like a cooler a 6 pack rack which is lighter than what came on there and have a fmf muffler which is significantly lighter than those heavy stock polaris mufflers i call them water spouts because it looks like something water or coffee would come out of but then again i did add a 7 inch light bar that about 5 pounds added a k&n filter 1 pound heavier lol just kidding its lighter than it was stock which is good because these are heavier quads.
  9. just buff it with wax and on the black plastics by the motor use tire shine it will look like a brand new bike
  10. ya i am very experiences with fixing just about anything with a motor from the 70's and up cars trucks atv's but i don't know just clutch you have all the springs and stuff ill problem do it my self anyway but i have done them before just not on something with this big of a clutch and a centrifugal force clutch but it looks easy by the video i will comment if i have any further questions are you just one person you answer all my questions every time
  11. I would say these are my favorites -AMAZON.COM but make sure its sold by the company even if shipped by other company they still have to use normal return policy and can't say we didn't sell it to you they did. ROCKYMOUNTAINATV.COM. Search amazon for better prices on some stuff EBAY.COM(THERE IS SPECULATIONS EBAY IS PRIVATE SELLERS I HAVE NOT ORDERD ANYTHING FOR MY QUAD FROM THEM YET BUT I AM GOING TO LOOKING FOR A REAR RACK FOR MY SCRAMBLER BUT NOT THE NEWER ONES THAT ARE ROUNDER THOSE ARE UGLY BEWARE OF ALL EBAY SCAMS AND DOES AND DONT BUYS) The #1 Online Dirt Bike & Motocross Store - Shop With The Guys That Ride | MotoSport I DONT USUALLY HAVE TO BUY PARTS FOR MY SCRAMBLER POLARIS IF TAKEN CARE OF AND MAINTAINED SEEM LIKE THEY LAST FOREVER BUT THIS IS WITH MOST ATV'S
  12. ya its an EPI is a clutch kit hard to install i saw a vid and the guy said if you want to take the clutch or remove it from the bike you need a specialty tool but when he was doing he said you need like a clamp to compress the spring and stuff is it worth doing it yourself DUI or having a shop do it -SFI-shop fix it.
  13. show me your polaris scrambler or trailblazer post some pics and post what you have added to the bike i have a 2001 polaris scrambler 500(2x4) with -K&n filter and filter cover -fmf powercore 4 muffler -led light bar 7 inch -exhaust wrap -acerbis handguards -grip sandpaper on floor boards for maximum foot grip -scott grips -handle bar pad
  14. oh i totally agree but with a scrambler 500 2x4 just fully punch it you will send dirt to the sun per say and will get out of any problem you find your self in except maybe some mud i mean deep mud but i dont take my quad through mud that is higher than 3 feet
  15. what brand of clutch kit should i get there is one on amazon?
  16. power core 4 for 01 polaris scrambler 500 2x4 or 4x4 is a great investment well worth the $204-$260 price tag you don't have to jet but you can to get the real power boost the muffler will provide
  17. do i buy the 2x4 or 4x4 this is my personal opinion please don't comment all negative things I have a 2x4 polaris scrambler and in my opinion its SOMETIMES the better buy because its usually cheaper less to repair if 4x4 goes out and lighter weight which equals higher top speed aka a faster bike i have never got in a situation were i couldn't get out of it because i had a 2x4 ever i am a very experience rider though if your not you might want the 4x4 the 4x4 is way heavier than the 2x4 obviously SHOW ME YOU SCRAMBLER UPLOAD SOME PICS
  19. all you have to do is buff it with wax and clean the plastics the black plastics by the motor with arm and hammer tire shine will make the plastics look brand new and will prevent further fading that video that is so much more work and won't last
  20. Ok I've finally done me research and got my products on amazon for my polaris scrambler 500 2x4 it is a fast bike to begin with but i wanted to improve throttle response and ad a little bit more power to the bike also bought other stuff for riding like stuff to improve the quad not just parts accessories to so I bought... FMF POWER CORE 4 MUFFLER-$205 ACERBIS HANDGUARDS-$34 EXHAUST WRAP-$25-$35 K&N AIR FILTER-$33 K&N AIR FILTER SCREEN-$12.50-$13 SANDPAPER TAPE FOR EXTRA GRIP ON FLOOR PLATE-$13.04 LED LIGHT BAR 7 INCH -$30 PLUS METAL FOR MOUNTING SO ABOUT $40 TOTAL UPGRADE COST=$357.04 after clutch kit -$190 = 547.04 This will add better throttle response and ad more power and with the k&n a little better fuel economy I got the handguards for protection from cactus trees tree branches flying rocks mud and cold air you know the everyday riding awareness's / watch outs (EVERYONES WITH A POLARIS SCRAMBLER THIS IS THE STUFF TO ADD OH AND ADD A CLUTCH KIT WELL WORTH IT
  21. These are stock quads nothing added for more horse power speeds they should go right out of the gate. But remember these are claims of tops speed mostly on dirty roads and this is without cutting the limiter (DONT EVEN CUT THE LIMITER EVER YOU CAN BLOW YOUR MOTOR OR OVER HEAT THE ENGINE IN ABOUT 1 MINUTE OF TOP SPEED) And also keep in mind this could vary on temperature, climate, quad temperature ,quality of road dirt/paved, Pressure in tires and angle of rider.) 01-05,Polaris scrambler (2x4) MPH-65-70 MPH 01-05, Polaris scrambler (4x4) MPH-59-67 MPH Yamaha Raptor 660 MPH-78-85 MPH Can am Renegade 800 MPH-75-82 MPH Can am outlander 800 MPH-70-78 MPH Can am Ds650 MPH-78-85 MPH Polaris scrambler 850 MPH-79-80 MPH (Post your top speed on your bike post year cc's 2x4 or 4x4 and what after market parts added to motor anything not stock add to

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