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  1. Hey I was wondering i recently saw those trail tech quad computers and they have one for the polaris scrambler 500 4x4 but i have the 2x4 would it fit i would love it because it shows speed,RPM,Temperature,Shift points and etc. But I don't want to buy it and then it not work because its kind of pricy to have to return its like $100 on amazon please let me know if it will fit I would love it on my (2x4) polaris scrambler 500
  2. i want new it can be new just need tire to fit the rims found rims but tires i don't want to pay 200 bucks a peace but like 140-150 is fine any thought on doing different tires between the front and back for the front do like the maxxis ones with the x pattern tread and then on the back do a like green ball spartacus tire? and i posted on another thread about rejecting you didn't reply
  3. were can i get a rejjing kit a good one but not outrageously priced for my scrambler and is it hard to do on a scrambler and on fmf's web site the jetting is for a 400 2 stroke and they did it for 70 degrees I'm in arizona it ranged from 50 to 110 degrees so what would i jet it to I'm the weather is always slightly changing?
  4. I haven't installed yet but i will in a week or 2 but people also said the popping won't even occur or won't be very noticeable because its just a muffler but i heard even without rejecting i will feel a difference in power i am also adding a k&n air filter to
  5. Hi i have an 01 polaris scrambler 500 2x4 I would like to buy black rims and new tire but its hard to find ones for my scrambler I would like size 12 rims and nobbyer tires but i would like to replace all 4 rims and tire but without totally breaking the bank any suggestion I found some bb rims their black and made for my quad tire suggestions? I prefer Itp, green ball or maxxis but i can spend a lot on them
  6. DO i have to rejet though i don't really want to but i also don't want that popping sound after install
  7. Hey I have a 2001 polaris scrambler 500 (2x4) and I just purchased an fmf power core 4 muffler do you have to rejet when installing just the muffler and will there be any noticeable power increase with this muffler I watched a video guy said he didn't have to rejet but i don't know I've gotten mixed answers hoping i don't have to but please let me know.

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