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  1. Right On Russ That is one way to clear a parking spot. Never would have thought of that. Yeah I had 6 of those 425's at one time. I am back down to 1 my original one. I started this 4 Wheeler journey back in 2007 and from that time to now I have resurrected five (5) Suzuki LT250's 85 - 86 versions, 3 LT4WD Suzuki's, 3 Yamaha's moto 4's, 2 Honda's, 2 two stroke Polaris's, 1 6X6 Polaris and Six 425's. I am one of those guys that loves to dig into old stuff and get it running again. It also helps that I have a relative that runs a scrap yard which most of these cam from. He gives me a call
  2. Been A While. The issues above were solved eventually through a lot of digging and perseverance. I saw the last item pop up on a few forums about starting with electric starter and pull starter. Which I had an issue with as well. 1. The machines would almost always crank over without a problem but would not always start. Although would start easily with pull starter. What I have found is that when cranking it with electric start it would seem to have spark so you think its good but that spark is not consistent which you really cant tell that by just looking at
  3. First I want to Thank Everyone that commented on this post. I have finally got these things going. I first had issues with a 4x4 425 Magnum with the top end as I thought 4 years ago. I pretty much left the machine sit for some time and when I got back into figuring it out. The funny part is I ended up with 3 Polaris 425's, 2 4X4's and one 2X4 all with the same issues. After getting them all back together with all parts installed. The 2 I acquired were pulled apart by previous owners trouble shooting. So needless to say I had to acquire some parts. So the over running theme was the same All wou
  4. I was kind of leaning toward the Battery or the starter. When I picked this machine up it would not turn over and the starter was froze up. I will test that this evening thanks for the information. This particular machine gave me so many headaches I started writing things down so I would not do the same thing twice. In the begging of the notes I put starter frozen and was able to free up but its drawing higher then normal amperage. Note: clean and see if can be freed up more> So that very well can be the issue. Thanks I really appreciate the feedback and the suggestions.
  5. Ok so today was a great spring day here in the east side of PA, So i figured why not work on the old green machine for a bit. I started out trouble shooting the no spark and found that one of the connections was loose. So she has great spark again. Fired her up and ran it for awhile and got it good and hot. Shut it down and waited a minute or two and she would not start. Turned over great but would not start. After about 15 minutes of letting it cool down it fired up. So before I got off to the races and tried to find a problem I pulled the plug again and checked it. Burning like it should be.
  6. Thanks for the insight and I may have to go that route
  7. Thank you Russ I really appreciate the long and detailed response. With that said let me give an update I was able to get away and poke around on it one day this weekend. First I had to replace the rectifier since the old one was not doing its job. I fired it up and low and behold I had 13.9 at the battery and the machine would rev up without much problems. Although it would stutter on the fast rev ups> So I placed some filter material over the holes for the snorkel and low and behold she would rev right up. It seemed like it would rev to the point the engine RPM was at its top. So
  8. Thank you very much for the detailed message i will see if i can get to it this weekend What is funny I mounted a small gas tank to the front because I was tired of removing all that stuff as well I will respond as soon as I can thank you
  9. Update: Well I finally got a chance to let it warm up and test the stater and other winding's to make sure they are not breaking down when hot. The readings were within tolerances so I moved on to checking the valves. I decided that this engine has some miles on it so I changed out the valves, springs, and cam. Started right up and again at 1/3rd throttle she would start to sputter and die. So I am really frustrated with this machine. Everything tells me its electrical. So I needed to walk away. So this morning I went out and worked on it and tried to approach it like it
  10. Update: I was able to use a known good carb. A good friend has a good running 425 and was gracious enough to allow me to use his carb for quick swap to eliminate carb. Well my carb ran great on his machine and his carb made no change on my machine. So I am still getting kick around by this machine. So without anymore suggestions I think its time to do one of two things. Tie the throttle open and put in gear and let it roll across the fields and get a few of my old friends and have some target practice or tear the engine down and see what is going on inside. The first option sounds li
  11. That is an excellent suggestion Thanks. That is what I like about these sites it gets you to think outside of the box and you can tap into everyone experiences. I will definitely do that and let you know Thanks again for the Idea's
  12. I agree I have been doing some reading and poking around on the net and I found a post on another sight that stated the Rev Limiter was getting power through the HLR shifter. The switches inside the shifter were not operating properly and caused the machine to act like it was in reverse with the rev limiter. So I will do some studying and find out how to bypass the rev limiter to eliminate that as a cause or fix. On the other hand I looked at the ETC and that also does not look like its at 100%. The armature that houses the micro switch seems to be very loose. Although when you press the
  13. What Did you solve this problem and what did you find was wrong??
  14. Quick update: 02/15/18 I had sometime last night so I opened the covers to check the timing marks. The cam chain does not seem to be overly warn and the tensioner keeps it nice and taunt. The timing marks and top dead center all line up. So I also checked the Stator and trigger coil for resistance readings and they all fall within the attached Chart. So here we are again I cant seem to figure this thing out. What is left to check? I am at a total loss with this machine. I am usually pretty good at figuring these things out but this one has me completely stumped.
  15. Thanks Dave, I agree this thing has got me stumped. I just ordered a cheepy carb off Ebay. We will see how that pans out but for the cost I figured it was worth a shot. I was thinking the same thing that it is acting like its dumping fuel when given throttle. The only problem is the plug is never black its always clean and light gray brownish. Pretty much what you want. I also picked up a spark tester so I can see the spark while its running. So here is my plan for this weekend. I want to open up the inspection plates for the cam timing area and check to ensure my timing marks l

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