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    For some of us that live in the northern states with brutal winters, spring often means warmer weather and the ability to run a garden hose without the fear of water freezing up. For everyone in more warmer climates or those in the southern states that have never even seen snow, you may already be using your garden hose or power washer all year long 😁! So in the spirit of Spring and Spring Cleaning, we decided to take a look at what products exist out there specifically for ATV cleaning, washing off the mud, and general care. ATV bodies are plastic in most cases, and it's important not to use abrasive chemicals or hard brushes, so you don't scuff up the plastic...let the trail riding do that for you, you won't get a shortage of scratches from all the trees and branches if you're riding in the woods! For those of you that like to do some ATV mud'ing, you've probably already adopted a routine for cleaning your ATV after mud-bogging a bit and may have a favorite product you already use. Some even use basic soap and water or a basic car wash. Hey, if it works for you great!

    For the purpose of this article, we are going to look at some of the items available on the market and encourage our members to reply with what they use and what they like. Don't forget to let us know where you buy it. You can buy car wash products in stores like Advance Auto Parts, Autozone, and Walmart and also online auto parts sellers like Auto Anything, Auto Barn, and Amazon. Let's take a look at some OffRoad ATV Washes...


    Slick Off-Road ATV Wash

    Slick Off-Road Wash, 32oz 

    • Removes heavy dirt and mud
    • Won't strip lubrication
    • Safe on bearings, paint, plastics, and metal surfaces
    • Biodegradable
    • Non-corrosive

    Currently available on Amazon for $24.99 which is the same price on the manufacturer's website https://www.slickproductsusa.com but you'll get free shipping if you are a prime member. Slick products free shipping is over $75.



    X-Tream Clean XTC01-1 MX ATV Wash - 1 Gallon

    X-Tream Clean XTC01-1 MX ATV Wash - 1 Gallon

    • Spray and rinse
    • No brushing and scrubbing required
    • Removes mud, dirt, grease and general grime
    • Safe on all surfaces
    • Biodegradable, non-corrosive and phosphate free

    Currently available on Amazon for $22.48 but if you check out the manufacturer's page and buy from them, it' $15.95!



    Tough Mudder ATV Wash

    Chemical Guys CWS20264 Tough Mudder Truck Wash Off Road and ATV Heavy Duty Soap Oz-1/2 Gal, 64. Fluid Ounces

    • Surface-Release additives repel future mud, dirt, and filth for easier cleaning
    • Perfect for dirt bikes, quad bikes, mudder trucks, ATVs, and dune buggies
    • Safe for use on paintwork, glass, metal, plastic, engines, and undercarriage parts
    • Versatile formula works in bucket wash, foam gun, and high pressure foam cannon
    • pH-balanced formula does not strip wax or sealant coatings

    1/2 Gallon is currently available on Amazon for $23.99, but the manufacturer has is for $21.99 on their website but you'll most likely have to pay shipping.


    Alco Dirt Bike and ATV Wash 1 Gallon

    Alco Dirt Bike and ATV Wash 1 Gallon

    • ALL NATURAL cleaning product
    • Safe on the machine, safe for the environment
    • Will not tarnish aluminum parts or damage seals

    Currently available on Amazon for $34.90 with free shipping but check the website where it sells for $19.98 but you'll most likely pay shipping unless you order over $99.


    Hopefully for those that were not aware of specific ATV washes, this gives you some idea of what is out there. Keep your ATV clean by washing down the plastics, undercarriage/frame and tires. Some go as far as little tire protectant and shine as well as plastic protectant. However you do it, have fun and think of it as prepping your ATV for the next ride...don't leave a dirty ATV in the garage!

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    I use a water jet, it attaches to the garden hose and gives a more powerful spray then just the hose, but not as much as a pressure washer.

    As for soap, I have been having good luck with Arctic Cat's "Spray and rinse" cleaner.



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    I like winter riding ... or at least the kind I do, on Tracks. Get covered in snow, snow melts when I get home, and The Beast is clean ............ WHAT !?!? :twitsy:





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