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    • Nice work.  So the sensor appears to be good. Now all you need to do is let it run and get to temp and see if the fan comes on.  Just keep in mind that if that thermostat is not opening then the coolant will not circulate and never reach the temp and bring the fan on! So be aware of that.    If you have an infrared thermometer you can aim and point at the head of the engine and the radiator to see what the temp differences are between the two and also check as the engine gets hotter to where the sensor temp that brings the fan on.  So if that sensor closes at 186 deg and your shooting the head of the engine with the thermometer as it nears that 186 or whatever that sensor is designed at then the fan should come on.  As far as the kill switch goes there are contacts inside, they are either dirty or just shot! You can test the switch with a tester on ohms/continuity. Trace the wires coming from the handle bar. There should be plugs right under the handlebars. Unplug the kill switch wires, connect your tester to the wires coming from the switch and flip the kill switch back and forth a few times you should get a reading on the tester when the switch is in the off position. My guess is it’s dirty inside. Open it up spray the shit out of it with contact cleaner.      
    • I've been using this site: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-parts   Can search by year/model, then break it down per diagram.  I've ordered the majority of the parts for my bike rebuild and have received all of them next day.
    • just an update - I jumped the 2 wires on the fan relay switch like you suggested Frank and fan came right on, so I'm going to assume all is well there.  I also set the fuel/air mixture screw to 2-1/4 turns per factory spec and put the plastics back on the bike.  I started it and let it idle a few times and it is idling fine; I just haven't had a chance to actually take it for a ride.  Hopefully it's good to go now as far as running.   I'll go ahead and replace the thermostat in the near future as well. 1 other issue I've noticed all along but haven't mentioned and had put to the bottom of the list of issues....... the starter switch control button on the left handle; I've noticed that when the bike is running, if I flip the switch to the X position to kill the engine that it does not work.  Apparently the switch is bad??  The starter relay solenoid was one of the very first things I replaced on the bike when I first bought it, so I know it's not that.  I tired unplugging the harness that plugs into the top of relay solenoid with the bike running as I saw suggested in another thread and it doesn't kill the engine either.  Thoughts??  I probably won't mess with this right now as I've already spent enough $$ on the dang thing for the time being, but definitely want to research and fix it in the near future.
    • Wow they are in some rough shape!  You may be better off combining both and making one solid bike.   The green on is that a 300? I had the 400 in that model and it was a beast.  

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