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I have a 2011 linhai Bighorn atv 200 it looses power at half throttle and beyond and of course the rpm's drop,I've replaced the cdi, coil,stator,regulator and the Carb,still have a problem

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is it getting enough fuel ?

Yes,just discovered a vacuum line that was partly unconnected this seems to have taken care of the rpm problem ,now it's being hard to start, I am charging the battery and cleaning the air filter,hopefully that will take care of the remaining issue.

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Sorry I had some other pressing matters , rechecked the valve lash intake .005 , exhaust .008 as given to me by another source , since my last post I have found one main vac. line came off , so I put it back and found that took care of the hi rpm issue also figured out the air filter needs replacing as it will not run with the filter on ( you can see the filter flexing ), the problem now is when the bike gets warmed up it will run rough then stall out re start once or twice then wont restart again until it has cooled off , someone told me it could be a bad ring but I"m just not sure , sounds more like something electrical even though the stator, CDI, coil and spark plug have been replaced , what do you all think ?

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start cheap to expensive, new plug first and check the coil ... check all the wiring to make sure nothing is pinched or corroded and bared ...

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I had an arctic cat 250 do that when the rectifier was bad, but the battery would go dead with the key off too,

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Thanks for the input , after checking compression cold and hot I found a difference of 26 psi , after removal of the comp. cylinder and the piston I found damage to the piston skirt and fine groves in the cylinder wall ( deep enough to catch your fingernail on) .After replacing all the electrical components and the carb. I am hopeful that replacing the piston ,rings and cylinder will take care of the problem , I will also be checking the oil screen and eventually the oil pump. When I get it back together Ill update this post.

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