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Is it Stock out of the Box???? Without any info on your Machine....Here is what I would do First......Weight=Power Loss........Personally I would Cut one Wheel off the Front and go from there....:eek: That should save you about 80 LBS.....

Your bike Dry is 395....For Giggles I figure the Weight of you and your machine WET is 500 Pounds.... Which is on the light side.....I also figure your bike is putting out around 20 HP....

Your Power:Weight Ratio is 1 : 25

This means that for every 25 pounds of weight on your vehicle, you have 1 horsepower. So for every 25 pounds of weight you remove from your vehicle, you will feel the effects of an additional 1 horsepower, although your actual peak horsepower will not change.

Keep in mind that with every pound you take off, your power to weight ratio changes, so you will have to re-calculate each time you remove weight.

In my HUMBLE opinion......The bike isnt Worth the money to upgrade....Its a Beginners Ride(Nothing wrong with that!!!) The best money you can spend for an upgrade would be when you get better at Riding it ,,,, Move on to a bigger Quad....

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