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  2. i have an 07 sawtooth it goes backwards fine but wont go forward. so i know its the shift fork or the drum. they both look in great shape. i dont have the exrta money what one ussaly goes wrong?
  3. my frined has an 11 tooth from a diffents machine and before we both tear it apart just wanted to make sure it would fit
  4. i ahve an 88 polaris trail boss r es 250 i was wondering if and trail boss sprocket would fit? its for the front. it had 13 teeth can i put an 11 toot on it to?
  5. this quad is going to be the death of me for my wife. the quad go backwards fine. but forward it grinds. but if u put up the little drive shaft in the rear end and hold it up it goes forward fine no grinding. any ideas? besides tranny problems
  6. ok thanks. guess i got to take alittle out. i put 2.4 quarts in
  7. anyone know how much oil i need to put in this after i do an oil change?
  8. ok thanks everyone. i will try changeing the belt first. hopefully thats all it is. i already cleaned the carb like 3 times. so i think its cleaned. ha.
  9. did the fuel line and belt help?? it just kinda seems like it loses power and it jumps enough that the whole machine feels like the rear end it comeing off the ground. but if i kinda father its alittle better
  10. when i give my quad full gas it bucks and jumps alittle any idea where i can start digging?
  11. o cuz i was told that i needed a bigger piston if i had i had it bored to whatever
  12. i found out that it was not the crank case bearing. it ws the piston was hitting the side of the jug. and makeing the loud noises
  13. i know its a low class quad but y i got my quads motor all tore apart. how do i know what size piston to get? i thought it might be a better idea for my wife to just have alittle more power and thought it would be easier now.
  14. ha dose it just gose high and then it kicks in gear?? did changeing the belt at all help?
  15. my phoniex as im pushing the gas it will slip out of gear till the rpms go down or u move the choke over.
  16. i think im going to try to do it my self. i hope its not to hard..
  17. wow that suxs? ha u make it seem hard. lol. i called the 2 dealers to see what the said and they both said the same thing. thats what it sounds like
  18. so i think i found out its a crank shaft bearing? just not sure how to change it.
  19. ok thanks. i will go out now and try that. really hope that helps.
  20. where did u have air leaking from??
  21. ya its a heavy knocking. sounds like in the middle of the motor. ok thanks/
  22. no.... all i did was remove the top end. cylinder head and the middle part. chain guides and put back from a polaris page. i mean it starts and drives just a really bad knocking nose. i even did an oul change and put 41 oz like polaris say
  23. ok i got the rings replaced. but now i put it all back together and theys a loud knock in the motor and it bucks in drive and when going backwards. any ideas on that??
  24. its an 2007. mechanic to fix it..
  25. how much should it cost to replace just the o rings on the pistons??

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