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  1. I take it as a feature, really easy to push start this way. 😊 Especially when the battery dies, or the switches just stop working for no reason other than the fact that it's cheap. Had a 2007 110cc Chinese atv with the same problem. Went through a few different clutches over the years and, even when they were worn out to the point where it couldn't make it up the smallest hills, it would still grip like no tomorrow when off. If I wanted to move it, I would just start it and let it idle while I pushed it around, or just picked up the back.
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  3. No it can get going on a flat surface and going slow but any incline or going faster and it slips out. The belt did help a lot but quickly started getting harder and harder to go up hills as the days progressed.
  4. Wow it is so ironic that you say that. We went on a riding trip this week with some decent hill climbs (nothing that a 110cc Chinese atv couldn't make up though) By day three it was getting harder to get up hills with the new $70 dam* belt. And on day 4 we were riding over some jumps and all of a sudden we hear eeeeeeee and it stopped going. Now any pushing it will make it do it. I am going to take the rear end apart to see what broke now, but I noticed that after the axle almost falling off on its first ride and we took it in on warranty and had the guy fix it he said everything was good a
  5. Alright finally got the clutch belt in and put it on. It does seem more responsive, like we dont have to push the gas as much to get it going. We dont have any real hills on our property so I cannot test that, but we are going riding the first week of april. So I will let you guys know how it performs, also is there anything I can do to make sure this belt lasts longer than a year? Thanks guys
  6. Ok another issue with this wonderful machine that I would greatly appreciate if you guys could spread shine light on. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdUgp-WuuSI]Polaris Phoenix 200 starter issue - YouTube[/ame] As you can see in the video it usually takes the atv at least two tries for the starter to grab the engine, sometimes more. It has been doing this since we got the atv and we asked the dealer after we first noticed it and they said it was normal. It doesn't seem normal to me since I have never seen an atv that was this bad with a starter. Also you can hear an odd noise right aft
  7. Alright finally got a chance to take it all back apart today and here's what I got. Here is a pic of that bearing you were talking about, but honestly it looks like it is just a rubber seal. I also sanded everything down and cleaned the belt. And used almost an entire can of brake cleaner on the thing. I bought a new belt, but I'm still waiting for it to come in. I also cleaned the bushings and everything slides freely. Also here is a video of me reinstalling the entire cvt assembly. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc1_XJVmqEI]Polaris Phoenix Clutch Install - YouTube[/ame] Thanks fo
  8. A ring set from polarispartshouse.com is about $30. I'd say at least a few hundred, to make it cheaper you could remove the engine from the frame and take that in which would lower their labor charges. I did it on a 110cc Chinese atv and it took me about 2 hours including taking the engine off the atv, but actually replacing the rings only took about 30-45 minutes. Good luck man
  9. Ok I'll check that out tomorrow if the weather lets up, your thought makes sense. I do know a guy who has done some machine work for the company I work for, that's a good idea better than spending $110 plus shipping for new ones. On the secondary it did not move freely it got stuck up when I squeezed/rotated it by hand, but then after I blew all the dust/dirt out it seemed to operate more smoothly. So again depending on the weather tomorrow I will try to do everything you suggested and let you all know how it turned out. Now what I'm also wondering is why did it do this in the first place.
  10. Hey thanks for the reply. By bearing do you mean for the drive shaft going to the rear axle, because if so I'm going to be pissed. About a month after we bought the atv one of the bolts holding the rear axle onto the the atv came loose and caused the rear axle to separate from the transmission. Luckily she wasn't going up a hill because she would have been screwed . We took it to the dealer and they claimed they took it apart and cleaned it and nothing seemed damaged. But the rollers and slides looked good. I am going to take everything apart again and use brake cleaner. The front sheave has
  11. Ok everyone here is my wonderful dilemma, any help or insight will be EXTREMELY helpful. 2010 Polaris Phoenix ridden by my wife. Last year we were riding and after going up some decent hills there was an awful smell of burning brakes. well since then she has a hard time going up almost any hill and really has to get a head start to get up the steeper ones. So today I took it all apart and found a lot of dust in there and blew it all out. I also notice the rear clutch is wobbly you can see I'm trying to show it in my video, also you can see in the video the atv seems to jerk a lot when I press
  12. AW darn, oh well I will have to try and find one unfortunately my hard drive crashed a while ago so I lost a lot of pics and vids but I'll look. And Wellsville is like the biggest place to ride in Ohio with ridiculous trails and hill climbs. It is right on the border of Ohio and PA.
  13. Hey AJMBOY is that Wellsville awesome place right there. Oh well don't think I can find one, goin riding next month gonna have to make sure I take a lot of pics.
  14. Ya me neither they are ridiculously over priced, oh well I am sending the one back so I guess I'll be looking into getting a different one. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks
  15. Ya I guess I was hoping $30 was gong to be a good deal compared to $300 at the dealer. Sigh

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