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I've asked permission from the staff here if I could post a quick message for all of you UTV lovers in this awesome community.

We are UTVBoard.com - a forum for strictly UTV, Side by Sides.

So if you own a UTV, come join our site. We could use some help growing and would appreciate spreading the word out there. Thanks!


UTV Board - UTV Forum - Online UTV Community and UTV Forum

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    • By gatorchin
      Ok, I talked about this I little in another thread but figures I would starty own and not completey hijack Doug's big bear no spark thread, which helped me correct my problem. Ok, if you own a wolverine, then you probably know what a pain in the rear the park brake can be..and some of you, like myself, have searched or through trial and error discovered, if you follow the cables down from the park brake/clutch assembly, under the "hood", you will find a white connector, with a green wire and a black wire (don't quote me on second wire color), so you unplug this connector, wrap some tape around it it whatever, the you take the black wire, disconnect at bullet connector, then the black/white stripe wire, and disconnect at bullet connector, and you plug them into each other, on the harness side, leaving them free to dangle (or tape them up or whatever) on the park brake/clutch side..now u ride without worries that you e brake is causing sputtering, hesitation, backfiring, all kinds of bad stufff.(you may have added backing plate as well)...well, that's exactly what I did..and it worked like a charm, for a while anyway,..then one day my bike starts acting funny., then not so funny..I lost spark..I couldn't crank with start button(still can't)..I spent countless hours checking over every inch of the wiring harness, testing the stator, retesting, new starter solenoid, new ignition coil, new plug, new battery...when all it took for me to get fire again, and be able to start with the pull rope every time, was reverse the "park brake safety"...I had replaced tr clutch perch as well as mine was bent and missing a cable )that wasn't plugged in at the time anyway)..so I reconnected the black wire, reconnected the black white/ wire, and reconnect the white plug with the green and black? Wires...if I reverse the process, no spark, every time...when I put it back "right", spark every time..I can start it by jumping the solenoid or pull start..but no start button..it puzzles me that I ran it like that for so long, no problems..now I can't run it at all , doing the same process lots of wolverine and warrior and other yamaha owners have done..I still can't start with push button ,which is my next adventure..to figure that problem out...just wanted to let people know my experience , there are hundreds of "no spark" threads, so some of you that run into this, and have performed the park brake trick, try reversing .the process..you may find you get spark back..maybe not....could be another problem with my bike that is unique...but if anyone can help me figure the no start with push button (I get no clicks, oil light comes on and that's it) I'm all ears
    • By DirtySouth903
      Texas mudfest - gator run offroad park - tatum texas
      Dirt Road Tickets | Home

    • By Cliffhnger
      We have a Bobcat 2200 (made by Club Car) and the transmission is starting to slip more. It will power out on a hill with loads that used to not be a problem. Is this a sign that the belt is worn and needs to be replaced or could it be something else?
    • By Austinhuntman
      I am debating on whether I am going to buy a side by side or atv to hunt with. If I get a side by side it will be a rzr 570 o a can am commander 800. But I need to know if you can legally make a side by side street legal in Tennessee and use I on public roads if you can and you know the requirements and laws that I have to follow to do this then I would love to hear back from you. Any answers are welcome. Thank you
    • By Austinhuntman
      Should I get a can am outlander 1000 or 800 or a can am commander 800 or 1000 or Kawi brute force 750 or teryx.
      Price isn't a prob but it will be used for work. Huntin. And fun. And just to show off lol
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