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Its a 2004 KFX 400 with a yoshimira exhaust, razr 2 tires all the way around, jetted i can take more pictures if u want more just ask askin $3500 call or e-mail me at 501-593-3937 or [email protected]

kfx 400.jpg


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    • By izzydum1
      Any ideas on what would make a coil not fire? She was running fine, then began slow start. Now wont start at all.
    • By kiwisteve
      Hi Folks
      MY Ltf 400 has power and electric start turns motor over, but wont start...
      seems no spark
      im told stalled in paddock and wont start again
      any suggestions please
    • By Billie
      :confused:need a repair manual or help in what to look for thank you Bill
      for you muddober to make clear to you the neutral light and the gear light
      do not light up win shifting fuses are good Iuse my CAt for hunting im dissable the atv is my leag s thank you
      Need some advise pls. Couldn't get the quad to start put a new cdi on it fired right up rode for about a week, now it starts just fine but will only idle for a few minutes then die, but will fire right back it's running a little rough I rode it for about an hour and it started missing out when I even touched the throttle. I cleaned the carbs and cleaned the plug rechared the k&n air filter, still fired right up but same thing, it won't stay idleing and misses out and wants to die when I give it gas. It seems like it's getting too much gas or not enough not sure, or possibly a vacuum issue. Any suggestions
    • By Jesper
      Hi guys
      Does anyone have a link to a service manual for the 2008 KingQuad fs 400 4x4.
      I would be very happy to get my hands on a file
      Thanks. :-)
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