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bumping up the HP trx700xx

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with every thing I done and am doing it should be 70 hp + . its been done before .sooooo I know its possible 

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    • By technofarmer
      Hello, i was looking up a few different 4 wheelers tonight and then had a question.  I see so many similarities between the ODES 800 Assailant, and CFMOTO 800 Cforce that i have to wonder. Are they the same thing?   It looks like they both have turning signals, 2 seater, engine size in common although CFMOTO does a much better job of making theirs look better.    
    • By toonces
      Long story short I had to disconnect my right front caliper to do some other work and now that it's all back together I need to refill and bleed that brake line. First time doing this and to the best of my knowledge the only two 'line ends' I'll need to work with are my right handlebar reservoir and the bleed valve on the caliper itself. Considering the caliper I took off are there any other parts on the bike besides these I need to be concerned about?
      Now insofar as back bleeding vs. top down bleeding goes...I understand that since bubbles rise, only doing a top down bleed leaves open the possibility of leaving some bubbles in the vertical brake line. But since the bleed valve on the caliper is an inch or more above where the banjo bolt brake fluid lines comes in (on my bike anyway) you would have to do at least some top down bleeding to make sure all the bubbles escape from the caliper out the higher positioned bleed valve. Together these two ideas imply that it might be best to do both some top down and bottom up bleeding. Any thoughts?
      Anybody have a somewhat educated idea of how quickly air bubbles rise in the vertical line between the caliper banjo bolt and the handle? If they rise slowly enough seems like it would be possible to bleed the whole thing by doing only a top down.
    • By NinasATV
      guess i should have cleared the trail before going balls to the wall over all of the fallen tree branches. had to unlodge the half that didnt break off on the tail light.
      Bright side: i had the most fun on the bike so far. starting to feel a little more confident with the clutch, and had a 2 wheeler behind me adding a little speed pressure = an adrenaline good time
    • By jigolbeep
      My buddy dustin was over one day helping me work on my banshee and he opened up a paint can i had on my tool box and he loved the color and begged me to paint his frame, a arms and hubs... two days later this is what we ended up with...
      The color is Kawasaki green...
      Me painting

      A couple coats of base and a couple coats of clear later

      Close up

      Me assembling

      dustin assembling

      almost done

      Final product (showing it off at Pittsburg State University car show)

    • By mywifeknowseverythin
      Im Just sick like that I guess......
      Show me some of your Favorite Smilies......
      Just like Adding a Picture with a URL....Use the IMG Tag:cool:
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