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2000 Suz QRunner 500 4x4

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I bought this baby yesterday, wasn't running - but a carb clean and new battery brought her to life and she sounds and drives like a beast.  Ugly and beat up plastics but w/e


So, the carb was nasty - like green buildup and every port possible and was clogged.  Where else should I look to clean or change fluids?  Also, anyone have the lt f500f SRV manual?  I did not see it in the SUZ forum for manuals.  What causes green buildup in carbs?  I am new to ATV's, but have at least dabbled in doing all my own auto maintenance and am trying to get the kick in the right direction as to what to service next before i ride her full time.

I do know that there is an oil leak that appears to be from the clutch cover gasket but will get under and clean it all up to confirm exactly where its leaking from.




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Additional Info,


I just checked the carb and it appears to be leaking fuel from the pilot screw just forward of the float bowl.  I did not mess with this screw when I disassembled the carb.

Any thoughts?

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The green is old gas that has gelled up over time.

Get a good carb rebuild kit for it. You need a manual for the rebuild. If you can't find one for free, it is worth buying it.

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I am thinking of buying the manual, clydes i think is the brand...I did find a really good vid on youtube of a dude breaking down my specific carb - which proved invaluable

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