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I have made calibrated maps for several of the state trails in PA and AOAA. I have in my collection

 Maple Run, Burnt Mills, Bloody Skillet, Whiskey Springs, Susquehannock State trails, Dixon Miller, AOAA (Both East and West sections)

I have a GPX file of Snow Shoe Rails to Trails which has all the mile posts so you know where you are relative to the trail. It also includes the legal township roads.

They are in KMZ format to upload to a GPS unit and display as a custom map on screen. This website does not allow uploading of KMZ files as attachments.

I use a GPS for several hobbies and have software that allows me to calibrate maps to use in the GPS unit. I do have some saved GPX tracks from my rides but I don't know how useful they would be. Tracks I have would be riding these state trails, AOAA, and the Northcentral ATV project area.



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Thank you, not sure where we are going to leave to Tuesday morning,  aleganey,  whiskey springs, bloody skillet or ssrt. Use to go to whiskey springs often but have not ridden since they rebuilt it, more have I been to the others.

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The reclamation project only affected one area of Whiskey Springs. There are still other old mining areas to play in. The area was contaminating Kettle Creek.

Keep in mind the state trails are closed until the Friday before Memorial day weekend. SSRT is open, but riding is limited.



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