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    • By psychodad
      Have a carb off an '07 Big Bear 400 that sat a couple of years, probably more.  Friend asked me to clean it, which I did, soaking the jets and spraying out all of the ports with carb cleaner as best I could.  Replaced o-rings, needle valve & seat, tweeked float level.  Bike starts and idles well but doesn't want to pick up above 1/4 throttle.  That would appear to be in the slide needle range.  Main jet is clean, needle is clean and straight, diaphragm good.  It seems I saw (in a diagram) a port that comes into the slide needle area from the side.  This would be in the carb body between the main jet and the throat of the carb.  I would like to soak the carb in Gunk Carb Cleaner, the gallon paint can with a little basket.  Curious what Mikuni uses for bearings and seals in the throttle shaft.  I'm guessing HDPE or Delrin, or maybe brass; not sure what effect Gunk would have on the polymers.  Has anyone actually soaked a carb in Gunk??  First hand knowledge, please, and what effect, if any, on the carb.  Pulling the throttle shaft out would be a last resort.  Getting the butterfly screws out and staked back in would seem to be a nightmare.
    • By HondaPhile
      Fixing up an old Honda for my son,  Looks like a great site for info and resources. 
    • By Old_ATV
      I have a mid 2000 sportsman 700 that only works in low gear.  Any thoughts?
    • By Ajmboy
      A little bit of click bait there with the title because in the grand scheme of things, what the hell does a virus have to do with your ATV except maybe give you a little more time to ride if you are out of work or school!
      In all seriousness, how's everyone doing? Here in lower NY, its getting a little crazy...
      Schools are closed all week, might be longer as they issued every grade that didn't have one, a chromebook and google classroom (preparing for remote learning) Some stores are out of things like disinfecting wipes, sprays, rubbing alcohol, tylenol, toilet paper, pasta, and other basic necessities. (panic buying in full force) Many people (including myself) are working from home, no more travel for the next few weeks. Interesting times and I hope no one gets sick! Stay healthy!
    • By frostydeisel
      Hi everyone, this is my first post so bear with me. I recently purchased a late 80's suzuki quadrunner 250 4x4 (so i am told at least). The guy i bought it from was riding it when i showed up to look at it so i know it runs. He needed to use starting fluid and had to pull start it because the starter would just whirl when you hit the start button. He said he thinks the flywheel is bad. I dont think that is the issue. So i purchased it and took it home and was tinkering with it and i could get it started but only with starting fluid and the pull starter(which by the way is incredibly hard to pull) and when started it would run only while i kept throttling it. So i figure its a fuel problem. So i proceed to clean the petcock and give her new gas and clean the carb and spark plug. When taking off the petcock i noticed the rubber gasket was in bad condition and would need replaced. I decided to go to local autoparts store and get gas resistant gasket maker. when i get back to the quad my neighbor who was helping me(15 year old kid) had decided to take the repairs into his own hands and put it back together and get it started. That kid dogged me. Not on purpose but none the less screwed me pretty good. I didnt lose my temper and i just asked him what all he did. He said nothing just put it back together. Well kids dont always tell the truth. He kinda dropped a screw out of the carb and didnt tell me. He said he stripped the petcock screw and now couldnt remove it. He did drop the stripped screw earlier before i went to store and i found it on the skid plate. well he dropped another screw as well ive come to find out. So i tried to start it and couldnt get it to fire over at all and the starting fluid can seemed to have lost all its propellant magically when i was gone. i decide to take it back apart to where i had it before i left and see that the petcock is missing one of the filters now and that the port on it is blocked with this rusty pebble stuff. Drain out my new gas and take flashlight to the tank and see more of that crud in the bottom. i try to rinse it out but cannot do it. Then i try taking the tank off and cant. its seems i may have to remove the entire motor for that. i also see a spring and o ring on the skid plate when i remove it. very shiny spring and a clean o-ring. Notice the screw next to the idle screw is missing on the carb. checked the parts diagram and see its missing the air fuel adjustment screw. I also see why i couldnt remove the petcock screw as well. the nut that is recessed in the tank where it mounts at is pulled out a little and spins now when i try tightening it up. I could really use a manual guys. can anyone help me or give me advice on how to repair this machine? Any advice on how to operate it as well would be appreciated. I dont have any experience with this type of quad. Dont understand the decompression thingy and dont understand the starter just whirling.
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