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Linhai Bighorn 28 (400) Stalls when accelerated

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Linhai Bighorn 28 (400)

Starts ok and idles, however when I start to accelerate, it will accelerate for a few seconds then dies as if it has run out of fuel. I can keep it going by pulling the choke out while accelerating and driving by using the pedal and the choke at the same time adjusting both to keep it moving. When I stop accelerating, it will idle indefinitely without stalling.

Full tank of gas.

Any advice on what could be wrong and what I should be checking?

Thank you

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Could be a blocked fuel filter, a bad pump if it has one, dirt or water in the carby.. Easiest is to check there is a good supply of fuel getting to the carby.  If it has a drain screw on the bottom of the carb I'd undo that with the fuel tap off and catch the fuel as it drains to check it for water. Then I'd leave the drain open and turn the fuel on and make sure it flows out again at a reasonable trickle. If it doesn't have a drain screw, I'd pull the fuel hose off the carby and check for a good flow of fuel there.

If there's plenty of fuel getting to the carby, I'd pull the carby and clean it..

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If you tell us how many seconds, with what amount of throttle, we can probably guess where a fuel blockage would be.

Best if you time it with about a quarter throttle, and then again at about three-quarter throttle.. 

Ha.. ok.. you were too quick for me.

Well done on the repair.

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