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2006 Arctic Cat 400 TRV (Green)


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Hey everyone, I'm back again.  Some of you all may remember my posts.  I took last year off from working on this particular project.  It's a 2006 Arctic Cat 400 TRV (Green) 4x4.  I am at a loss as to why I cannot get it to run.  I have had someone suggest replacing the shift sensor.  Now, I have been looking in repair manuals and I just can't figure out where it's located.  I was told it was on the engine on the left side.  From the photo I found of one on eBay, I haven't seen anything that looks like it on the 4-wheeler.  Could it be called something else? Where is it located?  I know I'm overlooking it because I'm thinking it may have another technical name.  I feel that I will be making more posts asking for help once it warms up here.  I would really love to get this dang thing running this Spring.  I have 2 other different atv's that are requiring my attention.  So, I would really love to check this Dag blasted thing off of my repair list.  Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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That could be it. It did find that part on eBay when I searched for it. I wonder if that could really be the reason why I can't get it to start again?! When my dad (it's his ATV) first got it, it would start and idle but when you tried giving it gas, it would bog down and die. Then the starter got too hot, and it didn't start anymore. I have replaced a lot of parts including the starter, carb, stator, flywheel, fuel pump, bc and I don't know what else off the top of my head. There isn't much else left that it could be that I haven't already replaced. What else could it be? 

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Have you been using and following the service manual ? That will tell you what to check and it will lead you through a logical progression of steps to diagnose the problem.

Basically an engine needs three main things to run, compression, fuel and a spark at the right time..

Is the engine cranking over at a good speed when you use the starter ?

Does it have a good blue spark ?

If you try to start it, does the sparkplug get fuel on it ?

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From what I remember, it's a yes to all of the above. It's been a while since I worked on it, so I can't really remember everything I've done. I'm going to try working on it again soon. Maybe within the week when weather permits. So, once I do, I will update this post with what I've found or haven't found. I bought an OEM neutral switch, so that's going to be one thing I replaced to see if it works. Here's hoping to warm weather next week.

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