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OEM Carb rebuild kit what info do I need to find a decent kit?


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I'd like to purchase a rebuild kit for the OEM carb that came on my 2000 honda trx300ex. Do I need to use the letters/numbers on the carb to search online for a kit or, are there other methods? Thanks!

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Just keihin QB or QB01/2 should do it..  QB is the model, the numbers are specifics about it's setup..  You only need the gaskets and rubber bits and perhaps a float needle and seat.

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I'd just buy the gasket and O ring kit from honda and then if I needed the float needle or seat or the pump diagram I'd buy those separately.

Honda's kit will be good quality... and it will fit.

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The pump and the float can both be tested before you pull the carb apart or order any parts..  The pump should pump, and the float, you tilt the carb on it's side so the float will be hanging down and away from the float needle, then as you blow through the fuel inlet you slowly tilt the carb so the dangling float will start to swing towards the needle. The fuel inlet should get closed off fully as soon as the weight of the float starts to press on the needle.

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