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Its been on my Trike for a yr....I took it off to put my other tire on for this snow trip....And well....Just dont think Ill put it back on.....Im lazy like that....LOL!!!! Its only seen the Sand....

75 shipped

Here is a picture of it on my Trike.....LOL!!!


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      We just picked up this trike and there isn't any activity out of the shifter. Any idea as to why? I'm hoping there's a gear or spring that's bad and not the whole transmission. Clutch is fine, is there a spring or something that engages the shifter?
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      my 1984 200x pos but runs ok i guess
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      I have a late 80s 200x and it hass very little compression what could be my issue please help I can get pictures if that will help you guys help me thanks for all advice in advance
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      [ATTACH]1778[/ATTACH]Do you think 250 bucks is a good price for this trike

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      what would be a good price to pay for one
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